A 30-year-old B.C. woman was fined $2,300 for driving at 215 km/h in a 110 km/h zone north of Boyle Alta. on Aug. 14.

An RCMP officer clocked a northbound vehicle going 105 km/h over the speed limit on Highway 63 and kilometre marker 23 just after 9 p.m.

Police also received complaints about that same vehicle driving fast and passing other vehicles on double solid lines near the school in Grassland, Alta.

A court appearance is mandatory for speeding offences 50 km/h higher than the limit. The woman did not show up to Boyle court, and was found guilty.

The $2,300 fine is the highest possible for speeding.

Holy shit what car was she in

sorta unfair for them to exclude opinions from the point of view of the dude w the gas can

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man this video of last night's events reminded me that the building in the back of the frame exists and i fucking hate it so much. it just sprouted up suddenly on whyte like a swollen greyscale zit, some jackass developer decided "hey lets take this cute historic area full of old buildings and unique independent shops and park an enormous fuckoff grey on grey ultramodern plastic brick with a Second Cup on it." also the Old Strat nearly burned down a couple weeks ago so now thats fucked too.

this city has gotten dramatically worse in some really obvious ways over the past decade, a one-two punch of rig pig dickheads and mini-silicon valley techbros, the absolute worst people coming from both ends of diseased capitalist culture, like a norovirus victim spraying shit and puke everywhere, and if elected mayor my campaign promise to you is that i will personally murder every single one of them with ironic deathtraps or something


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thats lit

*paris hilton voice* Thats hot

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thats lit

thats edmonton bby. we're all fuckin pissed and ready to die, good or ill


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the nerd chasing him with a plank of wood