i was thinking recently about some of the forums i used to visit a lot 10 years ago like SA, OT, and GM (which were all pretty reactionary) and it made me realize how different social media used to be. these kinds of social clubs were isolated from each other online but there was a real sense of community and integration. i mean just look at how many there used to be! fast forward a few years and now most people have migrated to mega sites like reddit for group discussion. i don't know if this is a good or bad thing but it's certainly different and i'm curious what's next

anyway, the main point of this thread is to share stories about old/odd forums you used to post at
one odd forum i used to post at is the rizone, buncha weird ppl, do not recommend
wrong forum

edit: ignore
i guess the one thing reddit kinda has in common with those old communities is that you can probably still get that kind of small local feel and vibe in some of the subreddits, but, crucially, youd still be a redditor.

dimashq posted:

wrong forum

edit: ignore

this is also how i feel about reddit

I only ever posted here.. dk what yr talking about regarding, quote "other forum"
whats a forum. what is posting. whats an other.
thats what he, Said,
i got banned for posting in basta toxx thread so i'm back 2 lurkin here, cheers yall
tfw you get banned for posting in the basta toxx thread
Basta toxx thread?

What does that mean?
a basta toxx is when you ask what basta toxx means
with a heavy heart i admit this forum is not truly, Somethung Awful
Okay I figured out what toxx means. What's Basta though?
a ban!!!!!!!

cars posted:

with a heavy heart i admit this forum is not truly, Somethung Awful

your posting is though!

waaay back in my posting career i used to write really shitty album reviews for a website called frecial dot com, which was a spinoff of some site called wtfiml33t. i never set up my inbox correctly and i never received any actual feedback for any articles i wrote and basically just shitposted and made fun of people on the site's forum and then it died. i guess this was like circa 1999-2000? before 9/11 happened
post your most shameful review for our enjoyment
I saw a forum once. I wasn't a fan.
dissensus and rym are both for EGGHEADS