never lose that one thread ever again

excellent reading
Readsettlers.org - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13438/
Let's Read Blood Lies - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13291/
False Nationalism, False Internationalism - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14239/
Let's Read "Bombs For Peace" - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14224/
Vietnam War Reading Thread - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/12341/
uber more like unter. imo - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14059/
Let's Read "Caliban and the Witch - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13691/
ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF PHILOSOPHY - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13358/
General Võ Nguyên Giáp "Unforgettable Days" - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13849/
Globalization - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14062/
INTO THE DEEP (the drexciyan megathread) - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/12724/

KKKonspiracy KKKrew
Petrol's KKKonspiracy Library - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/12402/
drugs (a.k.a drugs) run the globe (conspiracy thread spin off) - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14232/

bonus threads
that time ross wolfe got so mad he blogged about rhizzone.net shit tier maoist third worldists - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/14186/
Hey Rhizz, Kevin Sorbo here. - https://rhizzone.net/forum/topic/13968/

anything u think should be here please post below this line:

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in it, voted 5

Cool discussion on revisionism, the sino-Soviet split, Soviet war in Afghanistan, and more
That thread is only good if you ignore all the bizarre posts about maoism being a western invention
bnw's drexciya thrad obviously
no link no right to speak
disregard this post i was away for a while and did not yet look in the goldmine, where my thread was. blessed be

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i goldminded your thread, its in the goldmind