"Although his parents, who moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, believe McCollum should leave New York to avoid the temptation of the trains, parole conditions have until recently repeatedly restricted McCollum to remain in New York City. Suggestions from his parents and autism advocates that the MTA find a way to hire McCollum in some capacity, in the manner of Frank Abagnale, are rejected by transit officials, who fear legal liability and anti-disability stigma."
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who is that swampieman
he's like Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo Dicaprio but the autistic train lover version
Mccollum got into trains because some conductor let him drive the train when he was a kid. i thought about what would be the equivalent for me and they let me on a quiz show once when I was a kid but I guess doing the same thing he does would probably have to involve me drugging and/or kidnapping a real contestant every time