there are no red lobsters in london, but i am going to have a nice breakfast at a cafe down the street which is nice

eggs are the best food, maybe
No, no, eggs are actually bad for you.

gas, ban etc etc.
how do you like your eggs. i like them over easy medium, on a piece of nice toast.

my housemate fucking scrambles them in the pan like a goddamn barbarian
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i think poached eggs are great but i can't poach eggs. so: fried w/soft yolks on toast or english muffins

i learned how to do Ramsey style scrambled eggs which is just a pound (or so) of butter and cream in them, and that is also Very Good on toast, but you can't really eat it every day
omelete crew represent
i make a frittata w/ peppers it's good.
i scramble my eggs but theyre pretty wet.
i like a 3 egg french omelet with chives and black pepper boursin
also 2x soft-scrambled eggs on a warm croissant with chives, sriracha mayo, and a thick slice of slightly melted white cheddar
in the springtime i like a fritata with ramps, morels, asparagus and chevre
eggs are glorious and only thing holding me back from full-on veganism. that and hangover pizzas but they can be substituted with more beer if theres any left laying around. ate chinese food, tofu veggies and rice with cashew nuts and currently heating a nacho pizza which has like nachos, creme fraiche, jalapenos and taco-flavored minced meat. its gglorious
I had two HB-Es this mornin
i will upvote any post favorable to the Frittata, advancing each poster toward level up
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tpaine we both know this is the only 10 minute egg video worth watching:
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omurice is very oishii (tasty) desu
i am on a marmalade kick. current rotation:
orange, lemon and ginger
lime and lemon
seville orange
orange with apricot
we've got a russian neighbor who makes amazing homemade marmalade. it's so sugary i'm amazed it doesn't crystallize. the lime is the best.
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mod plz move marmalade discussion to non-alcoholic substance intoxication thread
i got up early and went to the eggs place again and i love eggs benedict and it makes me happy. have a nice day