An expert in working with norms and institutions says recent arrivals to liberalism from New York and Washington have the highest levels of trauma she has ever seen.

Samantha Pinkerton (nee McDuck,) who has worked with norms and institutions victimized by backlash to Vietnam, El Salvador, Iraq and Haiti for 30 years, praised the #Resistance's decision to accept displaced norms from the region over the past two years.

The completion of the program was celebrated at a garden party hosted by Social Services Minister Christian Porter on Wednesday at Foundation House, the headquarters of the Doyle Foundation for Survivors of Tweets in Portland, OR, which Ms. Pinkerton heads.

Ms. Pinkerton is chair of the settlement services advisory council for the program, which liberals introduced in its program of institutional appropriation in response to Donald Trump mentioning his penis during a televised debate.

While she didn't want to downplay the experiences of other communities, Ms. Pinkerton said "in my 30 years' experience in this field, the level of trauma amongst this group, and in particular amongst their Woke Toddlers, is the highest I have seen".

"Many of these norms suffered severe disregard...many traditionally kingmaking center-right institutions found themselves ignored by their communities, a practice similar to solitary confinement, which the United Nations classifies as torture."

"The mass scale of it just seems to be more profound in terms of the breadth and impact on the community. And it's very recent. A lot of institutions that we've worked with are still not over 'bigly.'"

A once-strong but now haunted norm named Dogwhistle Your Racism, 58, fled his home in Hartford, western Connecticut, with wife Act As The Friendly Mask of Global Atrocity, 54, and sons Neoliberal Consensus, now 25, and Pretend to Care About Gays, 10, as crass braggadocio and explicit cruelty rained down on adoring Republican debate crowds in 2015.

They spent more than a year on Facebook, putting faith in institutions, until those too collapsed in 2016.

Thankfully, the boys appear to have not suffered permanent damage, although Pretend to Care About Gays remembers feeling scared at a possible reduction in donor money from Silicon Valley. Dogwhistle Your Racism has landed on his feet and was recently seen in TV personality Keith Olbermann's statement that he has been "skeptical of rap" until he saw a white anti-Trump freestyle.

The family is determined not to dwell on the past – particularly after Act as The Friendly Mask of Global Atrocity gave birth last week to a son, Rehabilitated Bush.

Mrs. Atrocity said: "He's going to be woke. He's going to have a good future here. He can paint, he can call people Russian bots, he can do everything when he grows up."

Mr. Racism said: "Everyone here helps us a lot. The people here respect each other. Whatever I say, it is not enough. I thank liberals for everything."

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