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Harnessing my male essence into a concentrated laser vision attack
why is semen male life energy instead of something else and if that's the case, what's up with the 50% of the population that doesnt make semen, are they just like, not as good? or if it's not life energy but some micronutrients, can't I just replace them with a specially designed multivitamin or diet ala Peterson? It's fair to say that masturbation can throw you off your mind game but there's 0 material basis for semen retention and honestly if it's making you assume that people who point that out are working on behest of amerikan agencies maybe it's not helping your mind much either

Anyway, exercise and eating right always improves my life for those few months I do it each year before slipping away from it when other things get busier. Maybe I should take a protracted approach to it and aim to make that annual period a little longer every time so that in a couple of decades I'll be consistent. Until age becomes a factor and I slowly become less active once again.
dizastar i, too, would like to take this moment to meekly suggest that right now maybe the biggest obstacle to your goal of being the "healthiest person who ever lived" is an unhealthy preoccupation with a mystical ideal of aggressive masculinity, which even if you could attain it (it's not real so you can't) would be bad. i think you would be a lot happier if you let go of trying to prove something about your supposed superior male essence and accepted just being a person, pursuing a healthy body and outlook for its own sake. perhaps a good step towards that would be thinking carefully about whether it's realistic to accuse your fellow posters of being CIA front trying to undermine your cultivation of yang chi or whatever just happened here, when the reality is they are merely concerned and somewhat perplexed by the attitude you are expressing.
itt a bunch of beta losers that can’t win a staring contest
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Hi everyone, I have to endorse what Dizaster is saying. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers and a personal hero of mine, hasn't had sexual relations for over a decade turning him into one of the most powerful examples of male life energy.

For the last couple months, I have been also been retaining my semen and I have also seen the sort of changes that dizaster has been talking about. Unfortunately, my experiences with the stare down has gone a little bit differently, my former boss was so intimidated by my unbridled qi that he fired me for contributing to a "hostile work environment" when several females thought my gaze landed on their chests for too long. You win some and lose some when you work to become the best possible version of yourself.
fuck you lifecoachjeff

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my opponents: premature male baldness pattern

I retain as little semen as possible and I have a beautifully full head of hair even though my father, my mother's father, and my mother's brother all were going bald by my age, so stick that in your craw!

you know there's one weird daoist technique heaven doesn't want you to know where you achieve immortality by tricking the celestial bureaucracy into thinking you're already dead, clearly if you read between the lines this is the scientific materialist foundation of the DYTD path. sounds much cooler than all that Ancient NoFap Secret stuff. this post brought to you by the exotic magic of Orientalism
general ripper's top 5 tips for conserving your essence
I don't think semen retention does anything because I'm always a lot happier and feel healthier when in a relationship and having generous amounts of "relations," but I do think diz's suggestion to do pull ups is a good idea and some of the Dao techniques sound cool.

I'm going to stick to the surplus because even if it does end up being a dirty bulk I can cut heavy after, and it's got me filled with incredible exciting amounts of energy.

I don't have any surface I can do pull-ups on at home and the walls aren't strong enough to mount a bar, so I'm going to go to the forest and find a branch with a knot in it or something.
as the peacemaker assigned by the UN for this conflict i propose this reasonable compromise: drinking your own cum after masturbating so you can both masturbate and also retain your semen
On weekends I go to the airport bathrooms and stock up on life energy
this is great news for power bottoms

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my incredibly buff eyes, reading this thread, reminding everybody that its cool to be buff for Stalin and also maybe a sign of body dysmorphia but who cares hut hut hike
As an actual recommendation, I got a TRX thing during the pandemic and anybody could probably afford ($30) some Olympic Rings from Jeff Bezos or something.

Personally I need a gym, I can't survive without heavy squats.
finding myself falling into some bad eating habits, what're some good starting points for intermittent fasting?
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drink 50 cups of black coffee a day, but here's the secret, log each one as 100 calories, you'll reach your daily limit in no time!
prob not the best idea to have eaten a whole pint or so of freshly urban foraged sour cherries before i have to spend all day traveling but they were not going to keep being as they were at p much an immaculate state of ripeness so fuck you future me
When I ran yesterday it didn't just feel good after the run, but during the run too...cardioing...
I've lost 40ish lbs since I made that post about eating bread for lunch and frankly my life has never been worse. no doubt I've been jacking off too much
losing 40 lbs just by masturbating, i guess one of your arms is very strong now lol
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Cut out the carbs, go with high protein and fat diet. If you want something sweet eat something salty. (like cum)
Look there’s no connection between masturbation and ejaculation for those with mental fortitude. Masturbation should be done daily and primarily to win staring contests against other men, it enhances your power and vitality.
i have been informed that the reason I can do squats until I die is that I have powerful adductors. there is apparently folk wisdom about this demonstrating that I have had a lot of wild sex in my life. I don't really believe the two are correlated but bringing it up allows me to contribute to this thread's new and dire post-swampman topic.
This week will be my first 2 plate deadlift 5x3
i've been eating rice balls w/ veggies (or sometimes tuna or salmon), i switched from drinking soda to drinking tea, and i've been alternating between walking around my neighborhood and doing kettlebell exercises at home.

i can't tell whether i'm doing all of this because my depression is lifting, or if doing all of this is causing my depression to lift, but, hell, i'll take it
Gut health is strongly related to mental health, and vice versa. I would encourage you to continue on healthy eating.
overeating and calling it "bulking" like a coping gymbro
I have gained just so much weight during this pandemic (3 lbs).
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i'm getting heavy into japanese home cooking, true; but please don't call me racial dave lol. i will try sardines tho thanks
dadical rave

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dadical rave

I've been biking like 40-50 miles a week for a couple months. love to bike.