after being locked up for like a year and dealing with the fallout from that, i can now happily say i will be working out and eating right today. thank you william gates
made a fairly significant miscalculation re the amount of raw garlic that went into this hummus, good thing i like garlic because i have to eat it regardless
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dizastar posted:

applying various taoist health practices, to great results

drimk mercury everyday

eating at a calorie surplus and doing push-ups and squats...feels really good. going to bulk up and get ripped...

dizastar posted:

applying various taoist health practices, to great results

which practices, what results

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lol at the porn addicts coming out of the woodwork to dismiss the nofap nofat lifestyle
I’m nofap for the staring contests
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(citation needed)
I do not remember implying that Big Pharma wants me to ejaculate so that they can sell me expensive prostate medication, but still, I appreciate being cited as an expert.
Dizastar, just a heads up, getting into "staring contests" with other people is an extremely maladaptive, unhealthy, and above all counter-revolutionary behavior. Maybe you're just becoming more aggressive, and this is causing you to put more into your workouts.
the strangely lit shirtless selfie in a room with alot of wood paneling that im assuming is in that post is not loading for me
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How is sexual arousal not also a waste of bodily resources and manipulated by Big Porno? Seems like having sex with your girlfriend is just going to make you dependent on simulated sex with women if you are separated for a while. The reality is that your prostate and seminal vessicles are still manufacturing semen if you're becoming aroused regularly. But instead of full ejaculate these are expressed in precum / nocturnal emissions, or just expressed as waste. It's not like sperm can live forever in your balls - just like a huge part of the DOD budget is maintaining the unused, standby fleet of war machines, a part of your bodily budget is being used to keep your sperm "at the ready" in case you were ever to have an orgasm.

If you really want to kick things into overdrive, why not just get neutered?

dizastar posted:

no offense but i dont see how its unhealthy if i win everytime.

i don't do staring contests but smiling contests...stare at somebody smiling aggressively until they smile back

swampman posted:

If you really want to kick things into overdrive, why not just get neutered?

endocrinically speaking kicking things into overdrive this way is more complicated than it might at first seem if you don't want your bones to melt

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swampman is definitely lobbying for an external entity with his disavowals of the nofap movement, but which one it is would surprise you all
swampman s onlyfans acc is in the top 5%
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dizastar posted:

id rather think you come in good faith

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everyone itt on to be put on spiro as a minimum program
full disclosure: I’m a lobbyist for the people looking at you in your peripheral vision

tears posted:

everyone itt on to be put on spiro as a minimum program

the arc of the posting universe is long but it bends toward roseweird’s future


dizastar posted:

uhhh because i want children later in life and i dont want a doctor to snip some cable inside of my ballsack, its got an eugenicist vibe to it

Sperm can be preserved and vasectomies reversed. Don't you think bringing up eugenics is a little extreme? You're just one person, it's not like an entire race lives or dies with you. I just don't know why you're unwilling to consider the truth - you are pretending that your body is saving some kind of vital energy or ingredient, but the fact is, it continues to produce sperm after short-lived sperm, your prostate continues to express fluid, it's just not being put to the same use. I don't know how this could be considered "lobbying" for some oppositional entity when I'm encouraging you to take this more seriously.

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bald lenin is Big Porno Big Nut propaganda. lenin never came! not pictured: beta cuck losing the staredown.
i can think of a way more effective technique to leverage the power of masturbation to win staring contests