supposed to come up with a plan for it and its my job as a member and as an anti-imperialist and a leninist and i just go into the desert and stare at this monster, this inhuman monster that we've created. we built it, and its there, and we're building more. 300 miles of wall already exist here and theres 300 more with antivehicle traps and billions about to be spent on additional prisons, additional apartheid troops, additional drones just to fuck with people for the benefit of people just like me. benefits to capital are inconclusive, different factions arguing for more or less access to cheap labor as san fransisco squares off against the central valley just like southern cali did against mt shasta and 100 member bands in the inland empire getting their resources slant drilled or stolen so we can dump it on the grond. this nightmare of a society has to end i hate it so much
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absent walls: an experiment in negative space, by john beige