literally, anxiety
post post post
can i hijack your thread to say that my life in collapsing in the way that its really fine but i feel like its collapsing because of an avoidable mistake that might not matter at all but might matter a lot so i want tomorrow to come to confirm or disconfirm my own doomsaying but also itd be great if tomorrow never came?

i have no chill right now; hoping The Weed will help.
you do you girl self care you deserve to be heard and hugged and things liberal queer people say but no seriously it's a little hard to function with a mental illness everyday, the counselors will only declare me depressed if i have suicidal thoughts. so feel free to keep writing and i will read it
also tell us how tomorrow went, my dad (who is otherwise not a great person) has taught me that nothing is ever big so whatever it is will come and go away
i know how this thread feels