had to cop some benzos from ER. funnily enough the psychiatrist on duty has seenn me like thrice before foe unrelated reasons and we ended up talking about my work at the local communist organization. what a cool gal
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are you intoxicated on... the power of friendship?
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Pratfalls and slapstick are all fun and games sure, but as you get older the risk of injury increases! Please think twice about tripping your friends.
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tears posted:

post post post

your av is wonderful and good

thans drwheat, glad youre alive
pregabalin, clonazepam, lorazepam and beer got me goin
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ativan is like the most non-chillest benzo around. my prescription? get yourself a DE-A-LER. hell hook you up with some xanax and rivotril atleast. but dont buy to that bullshit, extended release alprazolam is as good or maybe even better than instant release. just go to google scholar or alex jones and find out for yourself you sheep
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one weird trick with gabapentin is you can boost the shit out of that by stuffing your face with greasy foods theres even a study for it!
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thats fucked up wtf. just woke up and stuff my face with lorazepam and beer. cant find my rivotril
please be careful with mixing benzos and booze

kind regards,

your opiate loving grandma
you need to chill the fuck out with stuffing your face with things, death is not certain
i'm actually really unhappy that anybody would consider ODing, or using substances in combinations that could result in ODing, since the only noble way to die (and ensure reincarnation as a member of the proletariat) is drinking yourself to death
made (canadian) thanksgiving dinner with my dad while we were both good & stoned. has been stressful lately going back to my hometown and caring for a family member with dementia, was just the kind of chill bonding time i needed.
only clonazepam and beer but thinking about suoxone
ok i think i got a good deal on meth oh sorry its never a good deal here 50€ for 1,5g jfc at least it was delivered to my fucking doorsteps
i dont think doing meth is a good idea
i fuckin hate meth, its the one drug i'll never do. i had a friend in high school rob my parents' house because of it, another had his family totally disintegrate (literally every member of what had been husband-wife-four-kids ending up in different places) because of it, one of my best and most brilliant friends served time for it and has spent the rest of his subsequent life doing shitty manual labor even though he was/is the equal of anyone i ever met in college or law school, one of my biggest high school crushes dropped out and disappeared after getting into it, and even the people who did it for a while then quit and didn't end up with ruined lives are all fat as fuck now because of how much it fucked with their metabolism. death to meth.
meth is the most Nazi drug imo

tears posted:

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toyotathon posted:

i bet once we go to space, all the spaceships will agree on coordinates to send the dead bodies

a big space-fill grave-ball

strange lifeforms would roam the tunnels of the grave-ball, bred on the ships, hitchhikers

eventually, the grave-ball would grow so massive it would collapse into a black hole, a place of no time and no space

make this into a short story and I would defs read it

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roseweird posted:

roseweird posted:

the trick seems to be only smoking it after you get all your stuff done, try that

would like to amend this, for a month or so i would smoke only in the evenings after finishing my assignments and i felt ok at first, but the cumulative effect of regular smoking still made me slow and stupid and unmotivated so i had to quit in order to focus. maybe it's ok if you have better self control than i do and can limit yourself to once a week or so but i guess despite how much i love weed i recommend to save it for special occasions or keep away altogether if you have any doubts about its effect on your intellectual pursuits

helps if you don't smoke too late either. even just cutting myself off 2-3 hours before bed made a big difference in how i felt when i woke up, which then also sets the pace for the rest of the day.

it only helps, though, you're still right about the long-term grogginess

speed and meth are p. boring cos all i do are the things im supposed to do but just cant gather enough motivation to see through sober so its a bit silly for recreational use when i want to chill and listen to music and forget all about stress. so its back to basics with buprenorphine, clonazepam and beer with me for now. nodding and listening to marina and the diamonds EVOL
be cool, trool, be cool

karphead posted:

be cool, trool, be cool

always bae

Mickey o' rum
Fuck this is the non alcoholic thread.... Ummmm caffeine
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Gonna start micro-dosing a bunch and maybe hopefully smoke less weed. If I succeed, well it would be good, and if I fail I will at least become an incredibly rich programmer with autism.