so listen I was thinking. everyone likes Mishima, Kojima, and all those orientals right. whyt dont we jsut rehabilitate all of them into Theory. communism would suck if there were no bonsai trees to prune, while listening to Bach. do you agree
Don't seppuku
the sword is the coward's way out. bottle or nothing.
see if you can kill yourself by eating a lot of cheesecake. if you don't post about it i will assume it is successful and order a lot of cheesecake to be delivered to my house, we can start a trend

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read Lenin instead
i would trade a million of the shitty precocious right wing "provocatuers" we have now, just to have mishima back, alive again, for just one day
i'll gladly provoke you Tuesday for a mishima today
hello friend. don't kill yourself. that's an order soldier.

Depression for imperial core West may often be an unhelpful and distorted sense of self. Try getting to brass tacks about your life, how it is much like other lives, and how you can take a sincere part in the society and the destruction of oppressive relations. Baby, it's gonna be alright.
oh no, it was successful