i added the image to the palestine thread in the main forum, as Twitter will inevitably murder tpaine for antiTroop posts
Tpaine has a substack newsletter now that is very pro read. He ascended to the highest level of posting.
the tpaine substack is good yes.
wtf is substack newsletter
what tpaine has!!

cars posted:

Get this guy an account!

FYI you can block the entire "What's happening" section on Twitter using any ad blocker's "block an element" option and clicking the sliver of pixels on the very edge of that section so that the whole grey box is selected & the proper element is covered. Keep doing it until it sticks when you hard reload the page (Ctrl+F5 / ⌘+Shift+R), it shouldn't take more than a couple tries with ad block. "What's happening" is the man way the site promotes both propaganda and user aggravation to drive "engagement", e.g. the real estate where fake "trending" terms show up and all the "Top" posts are about how the term is trending, where an entire section is carved out for NATO warmongering, and so on.

The downside is that user experience of Twitter can be drastically improved for any user with one simple step, bad news if you're an accelerationist. Also note the policy of this site remains that the entirety of Twitter should be blocked via force of arms.
To be clear: you want to get rid of the "What's happening" part of Twitter in any case, because it's there almost solely to convince you that people are talking about things that they aren't until they appear in that section, so that you get annoyed and "engage", or go gawk at people arguing and stay on the site & look at more "promoted" ads, or gain false unconscious ideas about the unanimity of support for NATO, etc. The terms listed as trending often aren't actually appearing in notable frequency that day, and the summaries are often false, which I've talked about on here before, "What's happening" doesn't even keep you up to speed on the latest propaganda tricks, it's almost all brain poison even in the context of famous brain poison Twitter. Get rid of it and Twitter goes >50% toward being a Web 1.0 site. Alternatively you can just post post post on tHE r H i z z o n E, a technique known as "Poster's Delight"
I like to see the what's happening section for whatever the anti-Justin Trudeau hashtag is for the day. Then I scroll through the posts until I find one where TruckMom69 says that living in Kkklanada is exactly like the DPRK, smile wryly to myself and close the page.
Only post on twitter to keep up with your pals Don and TPaine. I like when I go into my Spotify and want to listen to a T-Pain song I type tpaine accidentally 9/10 times. Also ironic that Future killed Tpaine, RIP
remembered just now that I once saw an image on Twitter where someone had carefully arranged a vast collection of mommy-gf images into a single, huge mural, then finally, carefully, added a giant picture of Sigmund Freud. I don't know who made it but i could feel their excitement. they'd cracked the code
saw a grown adult threaten on Twitter today to "become a nihilist". I feel like the sort of person who would ever say this should know by at least the age of 18 that ever since Nechayev fled to Switzerland, "becoming" a "nihilist" has less impact on your life & perspective & how things look when you wake up in the morning than would a new pair of socks. This truth is so well established that the Coen brothers used it as a punch line in 1998. I'd just buy the socks

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The short version is that Axios is a fed cut-out, literally headquartered in Arlington, that writes super-short "articles" to disseminate Red-Scare and pro-U.S. disinformation.

Axios hired a new Axios gusano managing editor "Javier E. David" to write some spanking new copaganda.

Remember the name imo, this little shit's going places.

The argument here is that people are working remotely because they are scared that there are too many Crimes and not enough Cops between them and the office.


The gusano's Twitter account is @TeflonGeek (i'm serious) and he's one of those blue checks who almost always gets < 10 likes/RTs to the stuff he posts there... so..... not exactly hired for his powers of communication to a mass readership. But this busytown one-shoe-wonder always loves [LATEST MARVEL MOVIE] and makes sure to post about it! Also loves pick-me shit about how there's a dangerous world of ignorant blacks out there who don't understand that plantation-slaver AmeriKKKa is their best buddy. A real peach all around, is new Axios gusano managing editor "Javier E. David".

cars posted:

saw a grown adult threaten on Twitter today to "become a nihilist". I feel like the sort of person who would ever say this should know by at least the age of 18 that ever since Nechayev fled to Switzerland, "becoming" a "nihilist" has less impact on your life & perspective & how things look when you wake up in the morning than would a new pair of socks. This truth is so well established that the Coen brothers used it as a punch line in 1998. I'd just buy the socks

theres a lot of self confidence in that statement on that medium considering most people who read it probably don't care if the author lives or dies let alone how their view of the world changes.

I’ve noticed that this “Chron” (which just seems to be the Houston Chronicle) is getting just about an article a day pushed to the top of the trending/search tab. Every one of them is like this

pussy riot apparently giving up on their anti-putin protests to instead protest the US supreme court by flying a banner in texas (???) in order to raise money with the cryptocurrency art-scam thing. feels like a word salad of used up, and i thought forgotten, scams

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condolences to jose maria sison and the cpp for getting their twitter accounts suspended.

(the city) will honor Juneteenth tomorrow, 6/20. Juneteenth was a celebration of the end of slavery, but is also a celebration of how far we've come since. Trash/recycling won't be delayed.

thinking about how I mentioned my surprise to someone a few weeks ago that the CIA / State Department would ever let Elon Musk exert drugged-up direct influence over content moderation of public/private partnership Twitter, explicitly identified in the Congressional record as a necessary arm of U.S. propaganda.....

......and yeah:

......because this is one of those ways to influence public opinion through Twitter that has been carefully cultivated in the propaganda garden. It's restricted or punished only when the beneficiary isn't on the U.S. State Department guest list; it's discreetly allowed, and even rewarded, when it's the CIA or U.S. allies who benefit⁠—Saudi Arabia has been particularly flagrant here, but this thread tracks the same sort of manipulation in favor of various U.S. front groups abroad.

Musk, whose public persona involves weaving all over the place and constantly putting himself and his companies under fire, is probably not someone that the CIA wants to be allowed to cherry-pick examples of this manipulation, "exposing" this or that fake-account effort, just so he can curry favor with whatever group or person Musk wants on his side right now. Pick any given truly powerful figure / organization worldwide: an open book on fake accounts will almost certainly find an effort in favor of that figure / organization, as well as an effort against them. Musk's office would then be able to pick and choose which one to expose to the press, depending on who he sees as helpful to him or which pill he booty-bumped that morning.

Sure enough...... the sole Twitter response to this request has been their board's chair saying that Twitter is "committed to the transaction under the agreed upon terms." I don't think Musk is a particularly bright guy, he's the average braincase-lightweight bourgeois "business leader", but I think he's probably bright enough to realize he's fired a shot across the bow of the Completely Innocuous Americans here. He knows that his people aren't going to get this information. Even if the board agrees to give it to him later, they would certainly cleanse it of everything potentially useful and put it in front of the CIA first for their approval, so that it would not be what he wanted, which would lead him to attack the board publicly again, this time over how it's obviously been cleaned up.

It makes me wonder if it's another "420"-style debacle, where Musk doesn't have the money or can't meet other obligations already agreed upon, and now he's trying to sour the deal so he doesn't have to own up to it. Not that I think it's a master plan of his either...... I think Musk has proven himself to be the sort of person who thinks he can make the things he wants or needs appear after the fact, just by declaring that he has them in the moment, and when that doesn't happen, he's backed into a corner quickly and has to make a big fuss in some other area to distract the press.
i respect supper mario broth having more integrity than any journalist