Caught this before it was deleted
verso crew is on a roll lately

Me Not Pretty Put That Way
the anti-imperialist left case for neocolonial military occupation
@TYT_lifetimemem is the funniest choice of twitter @ i have seen in a long time. mods please change my name to WAPO_lifetimesub
behold the next leader of dsa

the greatest tragedy of the war on terror is that the overwhelming majority of amerikkkan troops survived
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i think that's the first time i've ever screen-capped before delete on Twitter's own official content lmao. watched it disappear right in front of my eyes without even reloading the page
this viral song has seen many remind each other of the order of letters in the alphabet
Evofem Biosciences
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you ever notice how there's no EvoMASC Biosciences @EvoMASC ↗️ Promoted ??
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The only reason liberals disapprove of child porn is because it violates child labor laws
eat shit, sexhavers
whatever "Insider dot com" is supposed to be, it just reposts its own lone story on some random topic 50 times in a row, and the only reason anyone pays attention is because Twitter auto-promotes it to "Trending" whether anyone's "engaging" or not. That gives its top tweet, out of 50 tweets about that same story, something like 1K or 2K likes automatically because clicking on the "Trending" button, instead of taking you to a "trend" list of a bunch of tweets on the topic like it usually does, instead takes you to a page that's nothing but "Insider dot com" tweets linking back to the same story.

Then suddenly every now and then "Insider dot com" farts out some insane anti-China propaganda story, some fake anti-Beijing "movement" from the creep fash gang in Hong Kong or whatever. And suddenly that's on Trending, a link straight to 50 tweets about it from that one site, even though it has the least "engagement" of any of the site's stories. Alphabet squad shit.
Eventually "Insider dot com" will be revealed as a fed cut-out, Reader's Digest-style
this is the guy in charge of "Insider dot com"

Henry McKelvey Blodget... from the kind of money that gives you a drip name like that one... Philip Exeter Academy, Yale degree, did everything right, used insider trading to earn a fortune in the stock market... then went on the chopping block over the Internet-stock crash as part of Eliot Spitzer's rise to national prominence... and got banned from securities trading for the rest of his life.

Then, Henry McKelvey Blodget built up Business Insider as a crooked talking head on CNBC, youve probably heard of that one, i mean, if you have a Brand, best to stick to it, right??... and now, well, "Business Insider" becomes just "Insider dot com" and it's doing stories on every topic under the sun with no real focus, getting pimped on Twitter for everything it posts and retweets 50 times, even though it's exactly the same sort of understaffed content mill as a hundred others on there...

But... turns out "Insider dot com" is especially focused on glowing up CIA shit, fake NGO-backed "movements" in designated U.S.-enemy countries... and Twitter automatically treats those as "trending" stories... even when they're not actually "trending".... and posts like 50-large "tweet storms" from this one content mill site in a special little box, so it's always linked right next to the most popular shit on the site at any given moment.... wow whoa......
im having fun watching goatstein stunt on red kahina on Twitter about the really loud anti-vaccination people who keep dying of COVID. Red kahina's position is that they actually never existed and are paid actors, and so like, that one guy's radio show was recently invented backwards through time in order to convince everyone to get the Bill Gates microchip. your wcw could never
i'm having fun not watching twitter
cool. im having fun watching goatstein stunt on red kahina on Twitter about the really loud anti-vaccination people who keep dying of COVID. Red kahina's position is that they actually never existed and are paid actors, and so like, that one guy's radio show was recently invented backwards through time in order to convince everyone to get the Bill Gates microchip. your wcw could never

anitvaxxers last gasps aren't worth reading
oh no, we lost another moron
It weirds me out whenever someone is pushing anything like a 'crisis actor' story and not also trying to sell bulk prepper meals or homeopathic testosterone supplements

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

homeopathic testosterone supplements

lol let me make a few phonecalls

yesterday I realised that Frank Thomas is in all those commericals selling testosterone supplements because he's the only 90s baseball power hitter type guy not tainted by steroid accusations and I was like whoa

gay_swimmer posted:

yesterday I realised that Frank Thomas is in all those commericals selling testosterone supplements because he's the only 90s baseball power hitter type guy not tainted by steroid accusations and I was like whoa


A fun series would be doing all the times they were declared dead by the u$ then they turned out to be alive. Kim Jong Un would have a card, Hyon Song-wol would have one, the Taliban, etc
within the last couple years this has become one of those useful tics for determining who hasn't had a lengthy out-loud conversation in a long time, not even over the phone

this is in Twitter's "Trending" page right now. clicking it takes you directly to this

None of the other posts using the word "censorship" are about this topic.

Since I noticed the "Insider dot com" story placement thing, I've been checking up on these and it's pretty funny.

"Trending" means absolutely nothing most of the time on Twitter. There does not seem to be an algorithm for it, that or the Twitter staff ignores it. They just pick a word that people use constantly 24/7 on Twitter, regardless of what else is going on, so they can put "20K Tweets" or "30K" or "50K" under it and arrange the link to lead to a post that they want to promote. It's either something that they think will make people argue frivolously and drive traffic (Marvel superheroes for instance) or NATO propaganda.
I too have noticed that twitters top topics/trending seems completely fabricated. Not something I check too often, but my feeling is that it is a new change - that a few months back (or maybe a year or so back) it was driven by an algorithm and actual tweets.
yeah that might be right. I did feel like they used to be much more specific things like new hashtags or on the outside, like, the name of a music artist who had been silent for a while and then suddenly dropped an album. Now it's like... common English words with a tweet count of thousands under them and i'm like okay yeah i'm sure "and" and "the" are doing numbers too chief.
I realize some people here may not know what Axios is, the people behind the story that Twitter's fake "trend" manufactured out of a bunch of people using the word "censorship" on Twitter to describe any number of unrelated events, as people do every day.

The short version is that Axios is a fed cut-out, literally headquartered in Arlington, that writes super-short "articles" to disseminate Red-Scare and pro-U.S. disinformation.

The long / "open-source" propaganda version is:

What the above doesn't mention is that Mike Allen, co-founder of Axios and its executive editor, is the son of Gary Allen, an infamous John Bircher, antisemite and unhinged Red-Scare propagandist, the sort of garrulous semi-cretin that passes for an aristocrat among the U.S. far right. Gary's son Mike is an obvious asset of the United States federal government. He was hand-picked as the court stenographer to accompany George W. Bush on a "secret" trip to Iraq and puff up that story. Soon after, he weaseled his way into the good graces of the Obama White House as a surprising bipartisan darling among the Washington cocktail set. Allen was also hired to write a recurring feature for Politico, the spooky self-whitewashing product of (also Arlington-based) Allbritton Communications / Capitol News Company, which started off as a southern-fried owner of local TV stations that was cozy with KKK-friendly talk radio and the sort of people who'd always rubbed elbows with Mike Allen's Jew-hating neo-Nazi family.

Politico, you've probably heard of, though maybe not Mike Allen. So you also may not have heard that Allen, future co-founder of Axios and the man behind Politico's "Playbook", was outed by other journalists for running a pay-for-play scheme out of Politico's office, trading favorable coverage of mega-corporations (and their K-Street lobbies) in direct exchange for big money from the advertising departments of the groups Allen "reported" on. Allen and Politico faced zero consequences when this scheme was made public, though it all but destroyed Politico's credibility in the eyes of its peers for a couple years (not that most of Politico's competitors in the U.S. "news" industry cared about peddled influence so much as they did Politico's and Allen's inability to hide the dirty laundry from the eyes of the public, and, eventually, Politico would buy their way out of their fairly-earned bad reputation.)

Axios executive editor Mike Allen remains mysteriously well-connected in Washington, even though he's now all but a pariah in his own (supposed) line of work, journalism. He's actively despised by his peers as a notable slime-ball even for the Washington press, though I'm sure it's in part out of sheer envy. Allen famously lands top-dollar interviews by getting full approval for everything he'll ask from his subjects' publicists beforehand. If the P. R. flacks object, he changes his script to please them, simple as that. This included a sit-down with Bill and Hillary's spawn that produced explicit proof in the form of a written exchange between Chelsea's top office lackey and Allen, emails all about how Allen would be sure to make Chelsea Clinton look good and not surprise her with any real questions.

Again, getting caught red-handed in blatant, high-profile pay-for-play was not allowed to affect Allen's career by the powers that be in Washington, even though managing to be exposed for doing what's Allen done is still considered extremely poor form in their dog-and-pony show. Instead, Allen's career just kept going up, up and up. Whatever Mike Allen has shielding him from harm, it's protected him from embarrassments that would have dumped many of his peers out into the I'm-so-sorry book circuit for a while and replaced them with any one of the gaggle of eager boot-licking lemmings always waiting to assume the position. Gary Allen's kid's uninterrupted good time in Washington serves a peculiar purpose for parties outside the national-press clique, that's what seems likely to me.

A good summation of Mike Allen's suspicious career is the way even the most flattering pre-scandal piece on Allen from the Obama years (the awkwardly-titled "The Man the White House Wakes Up To", from the New York Times' airy-fairy Sunday supplement) still couldn't help but paint Allen as a creepy weirdo. The NYT article's writer was surprised to discover that most of Mike Allen's "friends" had no idea where Allen lived, and, of the few who did, almost none had ever set foot inside his home, which is usually just shy of a mortal sin in the wine-and-cheese pecking order of the Washington news press. The one source who did supposedly visit Allen at home described a rent-to-own-furnished hole in the wall, one that sounds more like "the place Mike Allen took people who wanted to know where he lived" than the primary domicile of a man who was already recognized as among the world's most well-connected and well-paid of faux-journalist courtiers.

Around a decade ago, stories on Allen evinced no obvious close-knit social network to explain how the heir of a famed frothing far-right paranoid became one of the most pseudo-respected professionals among his peers, mostly a bunch of image-conscious, bourgeois-to-petit-bourgeois Democrat "moderates" or their just-as-fastidious Bush-era Republican counterparts. In fact, none of those peers⁠—in a town where who you know is everything⁠—seemed to know much of anything about Mike Allen, beyond that he was already incredibly big-time in Washington for reasons they couldn't explain. But a few years after that Times piece was published, Mike Allen would be revealed as a shameless and mercenary peddler of influence, such an egregious pay-for-play crook that even his fellow Washington-cocktail-party journalists denounced and disowned him. Yet, like outed CIA mouthpiece Ken Dilanian, Allen's tarnished star has just kept on rising in that shitty, slave-built town.

So now Mike Allen, literal offspring of the upper-crust KKK, sits atop his co-creation Axios—a 300-word-"article" autocannon for DoD/CIA/U.S. State propaganda⁠—while Twitter⁠—a de facto public-private bourgeois partnership named in the Congressional record as a necessary tool for destabilizing Washington's rivals abroad—uses its entirely fake "Trending" story promotion to pimp out the most faked-up, fakey-fake propaganda "story" imaginable from Axios.

A writer for Axios China, an explicitly anti-China propaganda outfit, rings up a writer for Fox News, an explicitly anti-China propaganda outfit, and complains about being "censored" by the Red Chinese by way of... Chinese government bureau LinkedIn(??)... That is, the Axios "journalist" was dinged for a personal page on LinkedIn's China-facing mirror site, which, uh, must have been due to trickery by the Chinese government instead of user complaints... because no doubt that reporter and Axios China are otherwise in great demand for further work among the many Chinese people who enjoy Washington-backed attempts to overthrow their government. Then, Twitter invents a "trend" of imaginary people talking about this loser's whine for the purpose of cheap-and-easy China bashing. The propaganda value is obvious, but I suppose these crazy kids also had to "clap back", as they do, at the true mortal sin among the U.S. news press: blocking line-of-sight to a colleague's bullshit resume for even a microsecond.

Wow and whoa, because all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter. Amazing! What A Trend!