Uber cuts 3,000 jobs and closes 45 offices today

$15/mo or whatever is a good deal for something worth $23k

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$15/mo or whatever is a good deal for something worth $23k

another stat i came across is that if all their current subscribers stay for a year, they will earn $4.3 million, and they paid reese witherspoon $6 million for a voiceover

push notification spam can be disabled by voting no on prop 22
boeing made self-crashing planes, so musk had to make a self-stealing car
looking forward to the first time a repo'd Tesla murders an unrelated paid-up Tesla owner on the way back to the Tesla hole
can't wait for my smart apartment to quietly gas me with carbon monoxide after rent is one hour late so that a new renter can be efficiently installed asap
that guy gets ratioed anytime he talks about bitcoin lol, but it needs to be illegal. i may not endorse violence but honestly when i read environmental stuff it seems unethical not to (redacted)

All this time I have been making fun of the Tesla car because the autopilot is poor at preserving human life. And this is because I have not been looking at society from the perspective of waging a decentralized terrorist campaign of car bomb drone warfare on it.\

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there is literally no reason for Tesla to make self-driving cars safe. If automakers have come to count on the state and insurers accepting countless easily avoidable deaths every year from "normal" operation of private vehicles, why expect any different for private vehicles without drivers? All Tesla needs to do is persist through its energy-credit scam long enough for their cars killing people to become so common that such deaths by themselves no longer merit a news story.
Right now that's just priced into the market because all the blame gets dumped onto the driver, not the manufacturer. Tesla has two reasons to be performatively attempting to make them safe. 1, to hang on until they can get some seed regulation/legislations passed allowing driverless vehicles and ensuring they are protected from liability, because 2, their real target market is probably not the passenger car market, it's a fleet of 24/7 robot trucks to disrupt the logistics industry and crush the teamsters.

The first one really into that market will be printing money bidding against human driven trucks for years. They need to show that it's reliable enough to score subscriptions from corporate clients without having to shut down a "just in time" sweatshop because the truck decided to drive through a playground and is now Big News.
They already blame the driver of the β€œself-driving” car
Reminds me of how the term "jaywalking" was pushed by car companies to claim the streets for the cars. Then I think of the guy I know who thinks that cyclists and pedestrians should be held responsible for their own deaths on roadways.

In a hundred years, we've gone from a world where people rightfully assume their natural right to walk on the ground to one where we blame ugly, dumb humanoids for robot suicide.

You could argue these machines and roads are too useful to do without them, which they probably are. Trouble is people cannot imagine designing vehicles or roads in another way than how the fuckheads at the car corps already build them.

Guy Davenport said it before and I'll say it again: the automobile is the greatest perversion of human nature since chivalry
In an Asimov book, he imagines a future where a new skyline is built on top of New York, allowing people to walk on the new surface while the old now-underground roads are used only by the rare driver and police cars. I think it would be more interesting if the surface was reserved for drivers and underground pathways erected for pedestrians.

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You could argue these machines and roads are too useful to do without them, which they probably are. Trouble is people cannot imagine designing vehicles or roads in another way than how the fuckheads at the car corps already build them.

I think that there were alternative avenues of development available for mechanized transportation infrastructure and that we shouldn't allow our contemporary dominance by one that is killing is in both the immediate day to day and the long term slow cooking of the planet to curtail our pursuit of something better. Like think of how much research, engineering development, resources and labour hours went into individual combustion automobiles when electric engines and mass transport have been right there collecting dust and neglect for just as long but got sidelined for a fucking century because Ford was better at leveraging capital to crush innovative competition.


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ELON: Welcome heroes, you have discovered Tesla Secret Lot. Tesla’s green, blue and red, and even gold & silver Teslas lie within, but hark ye to sounds of beating wings and theπŸ‘‡ icon... They mean Hieracosphinx has spotted you!! E-hyuu-hyuu-heee!!!!!

*whistling at how good this post is*

you know, i look at that video of the billionaires in space and watch them playing around in 0 G
the thought occurs to me: they are no more or less happy than children playing a simple game. When I used to play 'grounders' at the jungle gym by the ravine with my friends in middle school, it was exactly the same vibe as these blue assholes floating around in the void
sick that they wasted all of those resources on such a vain thing
very rosebud moment, they never learn these rich fucks
the best thing we can do for them is take their money away
to a lesser but analagous extent, first worlders need to be expropriated from their childish fetishes too. funko pops are not garnering you any merit for the afterlife, bro
you know that tactic suicide bombers have where another person detonates a second bomb when people respond to the first one?

Tesla driving AIs are doing it now. Eleven (11) separate events where Tesla β€œself-driving” cars have rammed into emergency vehicles at crash sites
withholding support for Tesla driving AI because of unacceptably low cop-kill rates compared to the average traffic stop
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by that i just mean you see that idea offered every time a high-profile company embarrasses themselves and most of the time they just screwed up

I will take the W here, because back then I had people telling me that the whole thing where Elon Musk broke the "unbreakable" window on his truck was a brilliant stratagem to prove the truck's readiness as the secret new ground vehicle of the United States Army, but then it turned out the embarrassing bad truck was made by Tesla, the car company that never figured out how to build a car, so they never made another one of the truck and the dumb funny truck is canceled. R.I.P. the truck.