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sorry if I'm spoiling the fun but I figured I'd save some weary alcoholics the google translation:

Get out
get out
How did you come here
Are you a British citizen
This is the North Korean Embassy
You can not stay here.
Get out of my office
you didn't even use the north korean word for north korea you fucking dunce. YOU get out of MY office
who all likes soju?

I just can't get into it! I really want to because it is cheap and has high alcohol content. Maybe I just haven't had good soju

A penny for your thoughts on soju?
My chief sentiment is that is not good.
soju is bad and so is hite but i drink them both at the korean bbq restaurant i go to
thank u both for ur input
my first experiences with drinking myself to death were as an exchange student in korea so soju holds a special place in my heart. i like that it basically doesn't taste like anything so i can mix it like 1:1 with tonic water or something
the first drink that gives you a really good time always holds a special place for you. I'm going to try that tonic thing.
i find it pretty enjoyable, but i'll drink anything up to & including Toilet Duck