Well not ALL the women obviously, but a good handful.
Anyway I don't see the big deal. Raping your subordinates is a time honored tradition for Head Hitler in Charge, going at least back to Jefferson.
I think it’s kind of good actually that a lot more non-crazy people now acknowledge that the bourgeoisie are a gang of pedophile rapists who throw pedophile rape parties for each other and any one of them might have had the ringleader of their pedophile rapist discount-shoppers club murdered but at least one of them definitely did.

Flappo posted:

Trump brought all the women Clinton abused to one of the debates.

This is an example here though. Trump can go after Bill Clinton on this because 1) Bill got a lifetime pass from his fellow ghouls years ago and 2) it’s an implicit acknowledgement by Trump that Trump himself is a rapist but as long as the dirt on him is fresh, none of his opponents can dig too deep into it without getting it all over themselves, and if it’s not fresh, Trump’s just demonstrated why it won’t matter, for all the reasons listed in My Posting.

Where I am atm as a transcendent paranoid on the leading edge of posting persona is: the reason that the FBI & CIA had to move on to all this word-splitting over Russian influence is something else that came up publicly in the mainstream press with Epstein and dropped away immediately so that reporters could keep their anonymous trial-balloon sources happy.

Pretty much none of the pedophile/rapist klavern stuff will be deployed by the agencies over something so piddling as a four-year presidential term, because even if the agency brass weren’t part of those groups, all of that knowledge about other members is already in use for decades-long blackmail games against famous bourgeois families in every single industry and political office worth curbing, plus genuine aristos and monarchs.

Using it against Trump in one big blunderbuss shot would trash a bunch of more important operations. Bourgeois democracy, a moribund mockery of politics with an endless campaign season moving billions of dollars, is far too flighty and unimportant to risk some fink’s pet project against a titled hemophiliac in a chateau somewhere. And folks..... I’m serious!!
This is one of those many places where the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism helps, though.

Because the bourgeoisie are still the ruling class, which is the point where a lot of conspiracy theorists get led astray, thinking the CIA runs the world. Trump and the Clintons and all the rest at their family rank are still the ones who get to squabble over the power to deploy nukes and armies, then go vacation on whatever succeeded Epstein’s island, raping children and dealing with how it compromises them through off-the-record dinner conversation and unspoken, staff-managed social compacts that almost always ensure nothing too recent or juicy spoils things for everyone. It’s a mundane matrix of power for the bourgeoisie to at least try and manage its own potential conflicts.

The mid-ranked bullethead keeping tabs on an industrial magnate or a Mountbatten somewhere probably feels pretty amped about it, but, like, a great many people could probably remove him from that position with a kilo of cocaine and a phone call to the right number. He might get out of jail time, but his personal power really belongs to his salaried position. His only defense is anonymity that depends on his unimportance. His agency’s best defense is how easy he is to replace.

When it comes to the agencies’ top-level officers, they’re part of the ruling class themselves, with their own capital to throw around from both legitimate and semi-legitimate sources. They’re part of what their underlings manage for them. In fact, they’re one of that class’s most stable elements, because when you retire from a top position in the CIA or its equivalents, you stay on in something like the same position, for life, within an extra-legal power structure. It’s just slightly easier to do it all and still spend time with the kids, at Villa #420, your beachfront property, Pedophile Peninsula.

they really think that they are gonna get people to care about “Russia hacked us 9 months ago”. I mean forget getting people to believe it with no evidence, they think average nobodies in the plague country will care at all, day after day of headlines about cyber hacks and strats projected out at a dying population
FireEye are the foremost experts on 'APT29' and they're saying that this is like nothing they've ever seen before, and since attribution consists of identifying things you've seen before they're basically saying it isn't russia, or at least not apt29. in any case this is a huge deal because what was hacked wasn't the treasury but a software vendor used by thousands of companies, including a bunch of government agencies.
only the russians are ingenious and nefarious to hack a software company with such tight security that they left the default password of SolarWinds123 for their FTP server in plaintext on their github
a few years ago there was a leak of a bunch of NSA hacking stuff into the wild, and it was reported to include instructions for masking your trail and making it look like the attack came from russia, and since that time i've always assumed the official russian spy hacking companies breathlessly reported by the infosec turbonerds on MSNBC are all just the default settings
yeah it seems apparent that most of the "evidence" these cybersecurity companies have for laying the blame at russia amount to "Well, the IPs originate in eastern europe" as if nobody has ever heard of proxy chaining or using tor sockets which is what even the most novice hacker would always do to hide their trail.
15 years later or something and tor continues to pay out for the state
I opened this thread just to see "Trump brought all the women Clinton abused to one of the debates" and it gave me a good chuckle
really looking forward to this lol


sovnarkoman posted:

really looking forward to this lol

putin should stick to his previous demand of a publicly livestreamed debate with him and sleepy joe

*Unreal tournament announcer voice* Placeholder
Navalny wants an eighth of mids and the medical marijuana in the commissary is like $70/eighth for insane hydro which is ridic if you are trying to smoke a lot of blunts
[account deactivated]
They’re sending me to Russia as “Dr. Dagbahls” to inject the nanobomb up Navalny’s peehole. If I don’t return, hack my account and use it to livestream Final Fantasy X-2, and for the love of God, tell that to Nemtsov

So it looks like the plan was, during the first spring of the Biden presidency, assassinate Lukashenko, overthrow Belarus in a coup d’etat after the failure of the color revolution, transfer NATO’s new favorite toys, jihadi mercenaries and those new Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine, and go on a offensive into Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea. They tested this model out last October in Artsakh and stupidly thought the next step is to deploy it against Russia

LOL remember this sudden Democrat Troop xenophobe celebrity. This is the former Troop lawyer who appeared out of nowhere to run for Florida Congress with zero experience at any lower level of government, where she brags she's an "Expert in workplace law" but we looked up her background on here and "expert in workplace law" means she was corporate counsel for a power company burying cases where managers had whole careers of sexually harassing employees.

Anyway here she is reminding everyone to be extremely racist or they're committing treason by default. If you think there is a single ounce of irony in her post just read the replies. She also has a Patreon lmao

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Mariupol news has been issuing from another dimension lately. Your existing politics will determine whether you chalk it up to (a) successful Washington/NATO capture of the global press or (b) Russia undermining its own potential public-eye victories in eastern Ukraine by bringing its operation further west or (c) a combination of both... but it's indisputable that the Western-press Maidan memory hole has all but swallowed what post-2014 Mariupol is, exactly, and why it's such a good political idea for the Russian government to focus so much firepower there.

In 2022, clearing the Azov regime from Mariupol removes an occupying far-right force openly hostile to the Yanukovych-voting locals. It's one place where Russia is objectively and clearly engaged in denazification, whatever its effectiveness. And it absolutely will be seen that way by Mariupol's long-time natives, by those in Donetsk and Luhansk, and of course, by Russian voters.

Before the 2014 memory hole, even Radio Free Europe had to own up to how poorly the Euromaidan "protests" went over in eastern Ukraine. The loan-happy post-coup liberals in Kiev have maintained Azov in Mariupol to carry out a reign of neo-Nazi terror over the part of the east still under Kiev's semi-control, and because it's better to give their creepy Wicca-fash stormtroopers their own stomping grounds at something of a remove from Kiev where they can act out their ideology by abusing and murdering the anti-Maidan locals. Washington has supported Azov's power base in Mariupol both for the obvious purpose of pressuring DPR / LPR and the less-obvious purpose of an implied threat to Kiev if it had strayed into true detente with Moscow, with the threat not so close to Kiev as to spook them toward that path.

More importantly to Moscow right now, clearing Mariupol of the neo-Nazi Azov coven (now "Azov Regiment") is absolutely required as part of this operation, given eastern Ukraine's significance to United Russia's constituency. If Moscow didn't do what they were doing in Mariupol right now, there'd be hell to pay.

cars posted:

this is Yahoo News which means it's a story drop by the CIA. i'd hesitate to call this a "limited hangout" even, the Democrat "news junkie" = CIA fanboy equation is so sound at this point that this is probably just a puff piece by CIA public relations, demanding credit where credit is due.

note the superfluous five-man anonymous sourcing cited from the "intelligence community".


Mark Ames is RTing that guy. Marky boy, "Zach Dorfman • National Security Correspondent" is our good friend Ap Lant.
zach 'the dorf' dorfman
Dorf On War Crimes (2022)

LOL.............. everyone's done their own ad buy with their favorite Web site

"News Story" Quietly Announced Through Nation's Most Popular Web Site
it's funny and easy to imagine the type of guy whose MOS is Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist fretting at the Fox "journalist" about how the headline needs to say "US Army" once and "Army" twice to counteract the CIA team's Dorf Man P.R. campaign. Just in case anyone didn't know what department of the United $naKKKe$ national government pays the Green Berets

^ in case you're wondering what Washington, CNN, etc., considers "Ukrainian forces" (the United $naKKKe$ Green Berets)

^ in case you're wondering what Washington, CNN, etc., considers "civilians" (armed, Green Beret-trained combatants)

i imagine the ukrainians are very gladio about getting top tips on how to murder people from the green berets
Mearsheimer probably had it right in the first place, at least in his limited "IR"-imperialist "realist" way. That's Washington's goal here, a proxy war. They're going try to soak Russia through strengthening and exploiting the years' worth of Ukraine's neo-Nazis' ties with other small groups bounded and tended by the state, ties which we've talked about often here over the last 8 years: groups in the U.S., the UK, Western Europe, Brazil, etc. They'll use blank checks issued by Congress and its counterparts to keep the Black Sun types going with plenty of NATO "advisors", and meanwhile, shovel as many swastika-patch chumps as they can into the region. Far from being a new thing, the rotation of Nazi patsies in and out of Ukraine has been going on for many years, but it's gonna get a lot more interesting now that the floodgates have been opened for more and heavier arms through Poland.

https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/29/europe/ukraine-azov-movement-far-right-intl-cmd/index.html <<-- lmao get it while it's unedited
this reads like a cnn article written in late february

cars posted:

https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/29/europe/ukraine-azov-movement-far-right-intl-cmd/index.html <<-- lmao get it while it's unedited

i like the idea that if some nazis split themselves into civil and military wings that means that they're irrevocably split forever and can't talk to each other or coordinate their activities any more. one western trick to denazify your military!