if only she would normally display the strength and resolve and courage that she evinced when resisting movement to the bed

i have concern that she will achieve DYTD before me
it's always nice to destroy yourself with the ones you love
let me talk to her
Then even his luggage belonged to him again, and he strode through the barriers, more high-hearted than he had ever been as a child, into that city which the people from heaven had made their home.
His name?
Smith. Sean Smith.
his name was Eric from James Baldwin's Another Country. sheesh the culture around here is like a drunken pioneer fucktown
i got your reference, pal
[account deactivated]
we still havent learned the name of the man
it's babby, wine babby

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hi c-o - i woke up at 6am and was still drunk, fuck you hangover!!!!
is your finance ok