hope everyone is taking advantage of the festive supermarket discounting of alcohol to make this dark period tolerable
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tpaine posted:

i'm gonna get myself a nice bottle of rum as my present because i work retail and i'm ready to burn a community to the ground

always good to see more direct action coming out of the rhizzone

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wats the christmas booze prices like in the united $nakes?
or kkklanada or wherever, who cares, tell me the value of goods
We have moderately high liquor taxes here. A six pack of something decent is about 15 bucks, or 12 pound? 30 bucks for liquor if you don't want it to be generic paint thinner. If you're lucky a pint at a bar will be 5 bucks, but it can easily be far more.

A new independent liquor store just opened at the intersection where I shop (bringing the total up to 6!) so there's a convenient price war going on, but usually we get fucked by the two concerns who own nearly everything and collude to control prices.
If the managers of two Liquor Depots on opposite sides of a parking lot get into a tiff with each other you can occasionally catch them selling at illegally low prices trying to fuck over their rival, like a 12 pack of garbage for 10 bucks.
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tpaine posted:

wow, it almost sounds like capitalism is better for getting drunk.

holy shti is capitalism good at degenerate self-destruction

merru fkkin christmas DRUNKS
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had a couple new beers when i was in florida recenntly, one was a pineapple pilsner and the other one was a key lime pie berlinerweiss which had oyster juice in it (??) and both of them were delicious
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We have a lot of local breweries up here too, I've been wondering if it's a national thing or just concentrated in specific parts of the US.
everyone always ignores the heavy snowfall warning, couple people died on the highway.

lfest cristmas songs u got
happy new yea
happy soon it's gonna be robert burns day
i think that if there are groups of people who are already organized to do a number of those things, then they should form committees to carry out that action and keep the forums appraised of progress. regarding caliban, maybe just ask stego to toss you his files for the readsettlers site, save the time of cloning. asking someone else to take lead on the project is always an option as well.

i remember you asked me a long time ago for a shirt. you also asked me for a series of books. i also volunteered to provide content for the podcast. i did none of those things. im not sure how i can best personally assist the forums given my limited availability for projects.

that said, i feel like the podcast idea has legs. we know this site has tons of non-poster traffic. it also seems like it'd be relatively easy to accomplish if money is available and another person or two are close to you.
is that something from somebody's PMs or something?