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humble apologies
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thank you tpaine for your labors in these trying times
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Yeah, I PMed tpaine to say that multiple people have complained to me about the slow return of bigotry to the board, and could tpaine, someone who posts 8-10 times on every page of every thread, respectually take the capitalized name of a poster who doesn't exist and may not have ever interacted with tpaine, and who was registered probably as a mustang alt, out of their sig. But tpaine does not go quietly into that good night. First I came for the hate speech, up next, what? youtube videos that run unusual animal noises deep into the ground? Do I even care about this community?
Your dead mate.
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HurricNe F actually posted on my user page and were friends. I'll politely ask him if he'd change his name but iirc he considers that "his" word and he's allowed to use it if he wants. (Reclaiming)
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Whatever I'm just sayin I asked you politely for a legitimate reason and you are the one flipping out about your human right to liberties or whatever
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tpaine that's relegated
tpaine your bigotry.....
I thot we had concluded that academic leftism that privileges correct language over praxis was a cia op like modern art, intended to undermine materialism by turning leftism into a signalling game that elites could game and that framed thr coarse lower classes as th e enemy, and therefore i can say the n word ehenever i want
sorry im bad w phonne feel so old
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The rhizzones unfortunate slow turn to bigotry
tornado dyke
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Aspie_Muslim_Economist_ posted:

academic leftism that privileges correct language over praxis

Sure, except none of this sentence really applies to this situation. in my opinion.

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I think the business is more about me making a polite request of someone, and instead of saying yes or no, they feel massively betrayed and need to blow up their cynical show of compliance to 9/11 sized proportions and way, far beyond. But it's okay, because the raw Care emanating off your posts provides enough radiation to pop this popcorn I'll be eating here as I watch you melt down even further yet again.
I apologize to Hurricane_F______ for denying that they existed but cmon
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Being an economist may be a mental disability but you don't need to point that out in every thread, jerk

tpaine posted:

everyone has their own demons, goat

including the delusion poppin daddies

i have cunt in my user name

Cuntessa_Markievicz posted:

i have cunt in my user name

yes but people believe that you're a real cunt haver and so they think they have to let you get away with it without bitching in PMs. i can only guess that hurricane faggot didn't establish his persona enough for people to believe he's really gay for hurricanes

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