Xkcd is a horney papa and wante to fuck megan (the girl one) in a pile of foamy aspartame...
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My wife loves PHDcomics and it's destroying our marriage.

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i read several webcomics daily and i hate almost all of them. i dont know why i cant stop
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every once in awhile pbf still makes new stuff and you reminded me to go check

heres another new one especially for you clarence

this one goes out to misanthropy crew

he really is good he does so many different styles all very well artistically
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yeah he doesnt seem to be doing anything regularly. my investigations have revealed new comics came out on:
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tpaine posted:

only acceptable webcomic was pbf

um excuse me

this remains my favorite one

i'm so desperate for #content
I want the PBF guy to redraw the "what are you telling that man" "work faster" "how much do you pay him" etc. comic
my friend has the print of pbf web comic "Bully" framed on their wall in their kitchen. i was like y..yeah! yeah!!
I used to be really into PBF but it got to political & some of them arre really confusing too... checked out around here