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Well, wrap it up boys, Twitter has deployed the dreaded "This is 100% true but you're not supposed to look at it :(" warning. Now we can't know that Higgins is a CIA errand boy because it's not allowed. Foiled again!

the article got 1000x more coverage because you could get the new Hacking message by sneaking the article link into links to other things, so all the technology news sites wrote about it and included the link to the article in their stories. Lmao


lol owned.

Thinking about leaving a brown moses in the toilet.

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Thinking about leaving a brown moses in the toilet.

Very kind of you to give him a ride to his place of business

so the latest grayzone story is that chris york (a huffpo guy) wrote some stupidass shit and never published it and then bellingcat published a copy paste of the exact thing york had been working on except under their own banner, without crediting him. this basically proves there's a network of "journalists" passing around intelligence agency bullshit. like i can't even think of another possible interpretation.
it makes a lot of sense, it's the natural development from the sort of shit they were doing in the cold war with the congress for cultural freedom, etc.; i bet the fad of investigative journalism in the 70s and 80s sparked an effort to develop a network of journalists doing the same thing for u.s. spook purposes
nice 'tar aerdil.

Damn I was hopeful that the FSB was tailing the author of the article
*tails u*

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*tails u*

*alternatingly sonic and knucklesing u*


whats that
my read of the situation is:
- a month ago one of Higgin's bellingcat lackeys was doing epic internet detectivery to explain why Well Actually the israeli who deliberately mowed down palestinians with his car was completely justified.
- someone in SA's degenerated LF substitute politics forums expressed the understandable sentiment that a karmic death like choking on a fishbone would be appropriate for such a war criminal CIA propagandist
- an entire month and a half later, said forums poster was permabanned for "death threats against a goon" because the bellingcat guy made an account to shill his Radio Free Internet psyop podcast
- other posters were understandably upset by this, and then the big (VERY big) Higgins man himself showed up in the protest thread to gloat because after all this time he is still just a petty internet janitor who cares most about his grudges against the people who dare speak up against his stupid bullshit
UPDATE: the bellingcat dude apparently bought a new account to shill his podcast, and was a goon from a long time ago, who didn't want to be associated with his old posting... for... some... reason...

every single time

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every single time

literal bruhwn moses moment
congrats to francis fukuyama on joining the bellingcat international advisory board

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congrats to francis fukuyama on joining the bellingcat international advisory board

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literal bruhwn moses moment

didnt realise the wuhan lab leak theory had its own bellingcat https://www.cnet.com/features/how-the-coronavirus-origin-story-is-being-rewritten-by-a-guerrilla-twitter-group/