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how effective is chapo trap house as a dsa front?
have not listened in a long time but i understand they all thought hillary was gonna win and became sudden scared guilty democrats after the election and brought in a new young democrat type to the team. but the incoming dsa base seems young & cool & with a class character opposed to the self-appointed dsa leadership, which came up during a time when they could basically vote themselves in by default, so anything to expose the contradictions is fine by me.

overall assessment: ~shoulda read the rhizzone~

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how effective is chapo trap house as a dsa front?

they spent half the last ep advertising the dsa so there's that

fucked up if true

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Novorossiya Today

i used to follow these guys but unsubscribed because they kept promoting their online Classic rock radio station Novorossiya Rocks

lets...ah,,, Reform The Democrats *my farts circle & form into one giant cloud that flies me to heaven

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new assignment from her three letter agency handler
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honestly, how effective is the DSA/Jacobin as a front for Strasserism?
Their use of Marx has always been all jacked up but this recent stuff on race they've been peddling is really another level. So obviously the impetus behind the general soft leftyness is a general desire to make socialism as appealing as possible in America. But in doing so these folks seem totally willing to start their appeals with a general acceptance of right wing talking points. Kilpatrick spent all week post election talking about how we need to recenter the white working class and now this new immigration piece is full of shit like this. Why is this shit framed as a "one or the other" sort of thing? There's no explanation for why focusing on anti-borders and pro-immigration socialism is inherently opposed to supporting the "white working class."

I guess the underlying assumption here is something along the lines of "mass immigration n reduced border controls hurt white american jobs" but that, ofc, is a pretty liberal argument that takes a capitalist organization of production as a given.
just realised that the internet has made the media as toilet paper joke obsolete,

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i got a article in truthout in 2010...

belated thanks for getting the truth out in 2010, really appreciated that

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someone here should test if CounterPunch is still accepting submissions via "you send us an email with an author blurb and we post the body of your email and the author blurb"
somewhat effective, right, now, next question pls
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come on folks it's time to move👏 those 👏democrats👏 to👏 the👏 left!!! together we can help change the party of imperialist agresion into the party of socialist progression!!
actually the DSA is pro-imperialism according to their platform, they just think that it should be enacted through the united states participating in a multi-national coalition to "enforce generally accepted standards of human rights and democratic practices" because "the resources needed to sustain U.S. dominance are a drain on the national economy, particularly the most neglected and underdeveloped sectors", so "[n]owhere is a struggle against militarism more pressing than in the United States[!], where the military budget bleeds the public sector of much needed funds".

in other words, they're today's Democrats.

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its been almost 3 pages, has the effectiveness quotient of jacobin as a dsa front been specified yet

the video i keep posting is the best video online just fyi.
The Chapo Trot House keep telling people to join the DSA, but they (ironically?) joke about entryism to create a radical splinter cell.

How effective is Chapo Trap House as dsa front?
i listen to it more than i read jacobin, thats for sure
it's hard not to want to help the socialist alternative in seattle, trot or not
cum town is the best dsa front
did that used to be better, or are people pretending it's amusing as an in-joke?

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did that used to be better, or are people pretending it's amusing as an in-joke?

not pretending. it really is the best video online right now

Does everyone on here actually keep up with all the ex- LFer Podcasts
i tried listening to CTH but its too liberal. WN is too but at least theyre sometimes right
the only good podcast is the times of our time by dwayne. last week he reviewed quotations and his guest interview was with joseph stalin.
It'd be nice to have a unified Rhizzone podcast aggregator so that I can tune in on any Rhizzone channel and hear the same programming, similar to the distribution model of American Public Media
i just turn on RT News.

i listen to a lot of hollywood handbook and comedy bang bang but when i feel political i tune into Hard Nation
the only good podcast is the one that just had dispo on

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the only good podcast is the one that just had dispo on

calling out realsubtle, why u stop psoting?

like all former rhizzone posters, real subtle is now very famous online.