why don't you jump up on the stand and jump around like a kangaroo ya dumb bastard
Can we get a court order to get my dick sucked, sir?
How can I contribute to this guys defense
suck my dick, you fuckman.
I sent this video to a friend of mine. I thought it would be funny to reference this to his face. But when I looked him in the eye and said "suck my dick you fuckman" I was met by a look of confusion.

We didn't blow each other

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'Paper terrorism' case leads to charge against Freeman on the Land member

So on the one hand, it's cool that these morons are going to start getting fucked by the courts more efficiently. On the other hand, it's more than a little worrying that they put the big scary Terrorism label on something so petty as "being really annoying to cops."

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the fuckman sucketh
For Whom the Fuck Mans
Now you're callin' me a queer?
two sucks dont make a fuck