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Which celebrity would you like to have satisfactory intercourse with?

i owuldnt like to

grover furr
I would say Sam Kriss but I checked that one off one coke fuled nite back in the homofascist caliphate days.

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Cuntessa_Markievicz posted:
Which celebrity would you like to have satisfactory intercourse with?

sam kriss.

fucking love yourself

No, they're two completely different people.

The easy way to tell them apart is to offer to share your drugs, or ask their opinions on wedding photography
been thinking a lot about how celebs are forced to be closeted and have manufactured relationships to sell their shit to us anyway i believe taylor swift is a lesbian and that her entire persona has been manufactured to enforce compulsive heterosexuality to the masses that are teenaged girls and shes made a fuck load of money from it but one day she'll come out

i really should stop snorting sleeping tablets and ending up on this site with all my theories but alas Yorick
i don't think Taylor Swift is gay.
Taylor Swift is a massive gay
i tried to get a youtube clip of "what else can i say / everyone is gay" from nirvana's all apologies for this thread. i couldn't get just that line because youtube search is v bad, but look what else showed up instead

case closed???

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Taylor Swift is a massive gay

No. I choose to die on this hill.

i will fight you over this

yesterday i saw a teen drinking a high life on a commuter train wearing a sweatshirt that said 'hashtag dontaskdonttellgang' analyze that

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read some lacan dummy


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aerdil posted:

read some lacan dummy

Taylor swift has become Democrat Party and is possibly gay.
So you admit it.
the facts are still coming in. from this point on we must proceed very carefully
her endorsement statements for two right-wing democrats mentions gay ppl an awful lot for someone who ain't gay
which is to say, at all
im always right
UPDATE: Taylor Swift's gayness still open question
The singer's "massive" homosexuality is not yet proved, but tough questions lie ahead for the Nashville native.
tough question: how gay is taylor swift? 100% or 200%?
Taylor Swift is not gay she is my girlfriend in my dreams and isn't gay and we have a nice time doing cute wholesome things together, not that being gay isn't wholesome but in this case it is ungay. this is a fact
lo siento doktor koshke, taylor swift is so gay that it burnt out my gaydar when i drove by her multimillion dolar mansion on my way to the flea market the other day
But doctor... i AM Gay Taylor Swift!
im really happy that the debate continues
“I think the idea of something being romantic — it doesn’t have to be a happy song,” she said. “I think you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life. I think it just kind of looks at those things with very romantic gays.”
why does everybody give a shit about analyzing pop culture -- i don't know but if anybody wants an example of how it's done right -- How To Read Donald Duck. starts slow but the case it builds is airtight, and recreational media's barely gotten anymore sophisticated packaging up ideology since then.
that book really deserves the song of ice and fire bold text joke on this forum by now