Grand ole New York, The Big Apple, the City of Lights Who Never Sleep. It's quite a town. And as everyone there knows there's only one surefire way to hold the ever encroaching abyss at bay: Pizza. When you've got a snack attack coming on we all know you've got to act fast before it becomes a full on crave craze, no matter what life may throw at you. That's why today, we are all pizza bystander!

1. Though you may not always be ready for what comes, in the aftermath you always know how to keep calm and pie on!

2. Not even a grim reminder of your own mortality and fragility violently crashing into your reality is enough to take your mind off those delicious processed carbohydrates.

3.This world cannot be understood and it is useless to try.

4. Priorities!!!

How has pizza bystander thrown your own life into sharp relief with its fierce and terrible symmetry? Share in the comments below!
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*throws pizza at black dude*
i love black dudes

jiroemon1897 posted:

*throws pizza at black dude*

someone should repost this. for posterity.

theres basically no good pizza in the town i live so i usually end up eating little ceasars, which i didnt realize still existed until i moved here

cars posted:


I don't eat it and thus, cannot be a "pizza bystander"