Quit my kitchen job because I couldn't handle the stress rn and now I'm living that sweet neet life. Moving to a new apartment which is 850$ a month which means I have a couple months to find another job and even then rent will take half a month to work for

I hate this city but I can't leave it

I wish I could fuck up some Mercedes windows and get away with it
$850 a month for a whole apartment sounds like a dream to me.
I mean, it's a two bedroom and I have a roommate. It's 1650$ CAD a month plus utilities
i interpreted it as for the whole thing, so never mind
heat wwave. its fucking 36 degrees/ kill me
that's a healthy temperature. good weather for moseying
guess what time it is, time to drink. i think
it's always 5pm in my liver
all of them
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• i hear canada is too cold for street cats
• the weed thread is the most active thread in dytd
• how did i get a poison ivy rash the day before i went hiking last week

ialdabaoth posted:

• how did i get a poison ivy rash the day before i went hiking last week

by magic

im scientifically researching a hypothesis that varying levels of disrespect towards nature in a particular forested holler results in appropriately scaled levels of discomfort induced by the local flora and fauna
this rash is an indication that premeditation of this experiment is itself considered an affront by the valley
i surmised (correctly i believe) that the devil's backbone would be a good venue to begin this inquiry. i was attempting to correlate number of cool-looking chert stones taken from the creek with density of seed ticks on my legs per square inch. of course that was before the recognition of this confounding factor. i will continue collecting data regardless and i hope to expand the investigation to haunted hollow after i rediscover its true location in a dxm seance
try explaining to the creek why you need to take the cool looking chert stones in the first place
ooo not a bad idea. ill have to find some more woods with spooky folk names tho so as not to contaminate this dataset
just dont forget that the folk names are spooky for a reason

tears posted:

just dont forget that the folk names are spooky for a reason


LOCAL PERSON: This valley's name is Sunny Valley, but some people call it "A Lot of Deer" because every year w
WHITE MAN: (wearing rat on head) Death's Ripper Knife Gulch
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often though the oldest known name for places is like, Abornazine's River, and then it gets translated in a pamphlet by the local trail as "River of Keeper-of-Flames" but Abornazine means that in the same way that "Richard Carpenter" means "Brave-King He-Who-Builds-With-Wood" and Abornazine was just a guy from the 18th century who raised his kids near there because there was good fishing.
every town in wisconsin has a foundation myth involving an american indian who doesn't speak english well
my participation in bourgeois politics is inducing liver failure, at long last i glimpse the Gilded Palace Of Empty Bottles
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udpate: still dunk
kavanaugh confirmation is official, adding whiskey to my coffee
kacanauguh confirmation official, adding coffe to my whiskey. got lots of postin to do

shriekingviolet posted:

kavanaugh confirmation is official

was there any doubt that this would happen outside of social/media frenzy?

the completion of the event is just a checkpoint on the great DYTD journey
i feel great, and im fucked up --- on the drink!
Brian Kemp is a piece of shit.
going to a wedding full of strangers tomorrow. i'll know my date and that's it lol

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