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please ifap mustang again


K r e m l i n c o n n e c t e d c h i l d r e n

The Victory Day parade is gonna be a banger, this year.

a l o t g o i n g o n h e r e
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why even slap a headline on it at all

reminds me of my little brother's job title "assistant facilitator"
imo it's required by CNN's penance program for their mild and restricted criticism of police in 2020, which catered to their guilt-ridden left-liberal white audience. By 2021 the fix was in with pressure from their desperately needed anonymous sources, and CNN started running daily stories on their front page where the entire content was, "A couple cops told us that unless they get a 2000% funding increase, people will mysteriously begin to die." So they are now in a shitshow situation where the biggest story in the country is that 100 oinks got a school full of children murdered and they're not really allowed to cover it.
how many of the children were killed by cops?

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how many of the children were killed by cops?

betting zero because it seems like they waited until the shooter ran out of ammo


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it seems like they waited until the shooter ran out of ammo

before they started shooting the kids?

cops follow orders. the only thing unusual about this shooting is that the media are stressing the contradictions in the official story greater than 24hrs later

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cops follow orders. the only thing unusual about this shooting is that the media are stressing the contradictions in the official story greater than 24hrs later

Yeah that's a good observation. Because one thing I usually notice is how the Western press notes a lot of weirdness in the first 24-48 hours of stories. Then it's disappeared.

Sometimes this is as simple & normal as conflicting reports of causes / suspects. That happens with every public catastrophe. Sometimes it matters, revealing information the local authorities need to quiet to cover their own asses, and sometimes it doesn't.

But sometimes it's like Benghazi in 2012, where CSMonitor reported right away that (1) half of the dead were CIA-hired mercenaries, not diplomats or staff, and (2) the "attack" was actually two separate events, separated by two kilometers and 7 hours, with the second revealing a hidden CIA black-operations base in Benghazi, described as an "annex" of the State Department's operationsā . Which in turn meant the "embassy" attacks were instead against legitimate military targets. But that all disappeared right out of the public consciousness in the U.S. within the week and to this day, because both bourgeois-partisan angles on Benghazi required the dead to be innocent civilians, victims of one unprovoked attack and backwards-justification for the bipartisan-supported, U.S./UK/French rape of Libya. There was no mainstream audience for reporting the facts in the Western press.

In Uvalde, the unusually lasting coverage of contradictions in official stories shows there's lasting real momentum against kneejerk faith in the police in the U.S., outside of the communities that learned long ago to disbelieve the cops.

The national news sources, CNN and Fox News alike, were both initially reluctant to report on those contradictions. Fox News went negative on the Uvalde pigs about 12 hours early, because they had the easy out that Cops Are Always Good, Except For These Cops Who Aren't 100% White, a contradiction their ham-colored divorcee audience is already primed to accept. CNN, still in penance mode with their anonymous pig sources over mildly critical coverage of murder-cops in 2020, floundered all over the place for an extra half-day, with vague headlines about "contradictions" and "complexities" and "questions", until they had to either start reporting on the story or lose their already dwindling audience.

And it wasn't just after-the-fact reporting. The contradictions in Uvalde were revealed over and over by people outside the usual power structures, proving the current shift in POV on the cops in the country.

Usually, when U.S. cops show up to a crisis they don't want to risk interrupting (or that they instigated) they wall it off with paramilitary equipment and focus on attacking any potential witnesses. And, unless the crisis happens entirely in an internally colonized neighborhood that knows the cops are a gang, there's a pattern that's followed, one that depends on misplaced trust in the police. The civilians and reporters dutifully stand around far away, exactly where they're told, and wait for the cops to concoct a narrative and deliver it at a press conference tomorrow.

This time, the parents showed up to the school primed to distrust the cops and knowing much of the country felt the same way, and that the rest of the country would be watching. When the oinks arrived in numbers, then stood around playing on their phones (or rushed in to secure their own kids and flee) the parents not only got angry, they confronted the cops while other parents recorded video. The cops responded as their training dictated: attack witnesses to cop malfeasance to protect the later narrative.

That's exposure #1 of the contradictions.

The mass anger at the police, combined with an explosion of civilian-sourced video of cop crimes over the last decade, diminished the cops' power to quietly disappear those parents without immediate protest from onlookers, to cuff them and tase them and wave it off later as the parents' pitiable overreaction. Parents and witnesses went straight to social media, before crisis-control procedures could be enacted. A few local reporters, beholden only to a local audience, knew red meat when they saw it.

So the contradiction appeared yet AGAIN in a round of stories outside national news sources, reproduced across social media, that blatantly contradicted the cop line fed to the national press.

Then, a THIRD exposure of contradictions: the spreading story of the Uvalde cops outpaced the Fox/CNN machine and its current bipartisan line of "Pay pigs more or everyone dies," which meant those sources, funded by eyes on advertisements, had to scramble into critique mode. They had to align themselves with an audience looking for stories they weren't reporting, one that could find them elsewhere. Suddenly, Fox/CNN articles that would usually just repeat cop statements word-for-word could draw many more eyes by asking a question or two about those contradictions (or repeating someone else's).

Then, a FOURTH exposure: the Uvalde cops finally held their press conference, and issued their releases, and all their attempts to "handle" public sentiment failed miserably. They demonstrated the underlying assumption for all such eventsā€”that everyone would accept the cops' story and praise them. It was another embarrassing demonstration of how cops, especially local cops, aren't so much skilled liars as much as they are liars who expect everyone else to meet their lies halfway.

Then, a FIFTH exposure: the cops, feeling threatened, again followed their training, which told them to... call the cops. The last 20+ years in the U.S. have focused every type, stripe and level of United $naKKKe$ pig on a massive local-state-national consolidation of police power. This push was accelerated by post-9/11 anti-terrorism funding, but it really began in earnest shortly BEFORE that, in the run-up to the 1999 street actions against the WTO in Seattle. It's always been about paramilitary attacks on civilians, the cops vs. everybody else. And in this case, the Uvalde cops holed up in their pig pen as other cops from elsewhere flooded into the town and surrounded them, with help from the cops' usual far-right irregulars, such as neo-Nazi biker gangs. And rather than everyone wringing their hands over the poor oinks in danger... people started LAUGHING at them for being cowards.

Mass shootings in United $naKKKe$ aren't going to stop anytime soon. They're horrifying, child-killing symptoms of a horrifying, child-killing society, the plague ship and mass shooter of the world. I'd call it chickens coming home to roost, but those aren't chickens that Washington is dropping on everyone else on the planet, with the hands on the stick belonging to the tubby, stretched-tattooed video-games SS of the Fourth Reich. But at the very, very least... people in the U.S., for the time being anyway, don't have to have been told by their parents that cops are a gang to know the cops are a gang. The red-white-and-blue pyrocumulonimbus cloud hanging over the world hardly justifies the silver lining, but it's there, for whatever little that's worth.

imo that's a pretty funny picture if not exactly ha-ha funny, the Uvalde cops calling the cops on every non-cop in the country


tldr = "We Will Adopt Your Baby" people are literally Neo-Nazi Mexican compradors, employed by an imperialist hate group that's run by Washington lobbyists who use it to dictate policy to other countries


*shifts to holding line from my wife's house to futon in storage space*
I know "Polygraph.info" is literally Voice of America / RFERL, but even for them... lmao

this is just the longcat version of that one getfiscal post that demands in bana alabed's voice to be bombed by a specific jet


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