shoplifters of the world, unite and rule the roost

lol o shit this should have gone in western media thread. bloomberg news:

Iran Alleges State-Linked News Websites Were Seized by the U.S.

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The US can seize any '.com'?

Belphegor posted:

The US can seize any '.com'?

but just watch them try to seize any '.corn'


Belphegor posted:

The US can seize any '.com'?


im a dad now. check out this original content

backstory is my wife sent me a link to a bernie onesie and asked if we could get it and i said idk, and then she ordered it but ordered the fidel one too, to make up for it.
Congratulations. and lol
is that a browser notification?
Avast's browser extension
I’m glad Avast recognizes crypto-Trotskyism as an insidious virus
Is it Time for Antivirus Software to get Political?
What is really radical in antivirus software?

c_man posted:

What is really radical in antivirus software?

we all know that the answer is smash computer

avast, or its predecessor, was founded just before the velvet counterrevolution by some anti-communist computer nerds
help computer

c_man posted:

What is really radical in antivirus software?

i guess that's Would, Wouldn't, Would, Wouldn't, Would, Would from that one dude who jacked off on their instagram account
when you take the time to trim everyone's portrait out but forget fix the horizontal inversion

or maybe some of them just have backwards shirts for some reason idk

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incredible entrance at 0:43. music doesn't start for nearly six minutes.

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lol he owns

liceo posted:

incredible entrance at 0:43

keep strollin' strollin' strollin' strollin'

Petrol thank you..... so Limmy has joined our crusade.. was beginning to wonder Am I The Only One Who and even Are We Just Going To Ignore That
all it takes for CNN to talk like Donald Trump is for Donald Trump to leave office. Nature abhors a vacuum
"jesus christ mr president they are not rocks they are minerals" - the blob after supreme leader zhu bi de ended the imperialist occupation of afghanistan

cars posted:

i took a snaphot of that one as well. it made me laugh.

im standing on one gajillion's worth of minerals - hands off