best of luck with the healing process, hopefully you come away with minimal complications
shit one.
a musician friend severed all tendons in their palm among other damage, but they were able to fully relearn and got even better, dont despair.

as an alternative to pain killers just drink.
avoid alcohol at all costs actually, in any healing situation. terrible advice!
well every one has their own health goals etc,
in a training we had a guest speaker come in to praise Elon Musk for 30 minutes. oh Elon is such a genius who is changing the world forever, he's just so smart and ahead of our generation that it must be tough for him to interact with normal people.

when i commented that his workers probably deserved a lot of the credit, i was told we don't recognize the innovation of talented individuals enough, too much focus is on the general public. then my eyes melted off my face like in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the building was evacuated.
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i quit my job
i gave notice the same day they told everyone that they will have to come back to get infected with covid mid-june
finally, in an effort to kill any remaining survivors...
Victory over COVID party
i feel like covid is over but i endorse quitting any job

Parenti posted:

i feel like covid is over but i endorse quitting any job

i hope covid never ends

It’s jinxed now
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shriekingviolet posted:


HR will be organizing the party

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HR is currently fucking me out of the PTO that i've already earned
*goes gladio mode*
Ismail roped me into playing in another balance of power game on eregime. Lord help me I’m back on my bullshit XD
imagining becoming the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom guy. A vivid fantasy of becoming the guy who champions the revival and global dominance of the Heavenly Dynasty of Hong Xiuquan, King of Heaven, Son of God, successor and younger brother to Jesus Christ, and His son Hong Tianguifu, Junior King of Heaven, seated forever in Their revealed and righteous Kingdom, whose holy and eternal capital is Nanjing, which They and Their chosen defended to the death against the Qing demons and their Satanic priest, "Chinese Gordon"... ah...! senpai, I did not see you... you say this is the Real Life thread? I must be daydreaming out loud again.. sumimasen....

you know who else was a Taiping Heavenly Kingdom guy

ah.... Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.

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i worked on a weed farm for 2 and a half hours and got fired
i turn 50 next month
my mom says i should have settled down by now so i guess I'm doing something right
if i have to continue to sabotage myself as a labour aristocrat then apparently that's what i'm going to do
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liceo posted:

walked c. ten miles today, which was great.

however, i learned that there is a big initiative here now by the so-called 'left party' which calls for troop$ to remain in afghanistan because it is still 'unsafe'.

now i got a backpack full of stupid little flag posters that all say 'afghanistan: NOT safe' to be used for bonfire kindling, plus some wild garlic to cook with once the weather cools down.

I've got back spasms, so I went to urgent care and they give me a muscle relaxant and the liteocain patches. This does nothing, my back gets worse I go to urgent care again, they send me to the ER. I wait 3 hours and decide to stop waiting and leave. On the way home I pass a smoke shop and buy some kratom. My back is now fine, but I'm wary on how long to use it for.
no more than three days
the joose is loose baby
Some experts say you use your back up to 24 hours a day
i'm in love now

Ironicwarcriminal posted:

i was reading map and the territory last night and there was a good passage about cars being one of the last temporary autonomous zones of our society



cars posted:

i'm in love now

that's great and all but don't lose sight of your obligations to this website

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if cars puts the same effort in hashing out trolls/nazis in the rhizzone as he does to examining the potential pitfalls of a potential significant other then i dont think we need to talk to them