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reading about ssris and they seem dangerous as hell... you guys are hardcore putting that stuff into your bodies... ive actually been suggested that i should get on em but the possible downsides are too extreme. so ive researched on self medicating lithium

my eyes widened so much so quickly at this point that i got a bad headache. please dont do this


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It says Video Unavailable now! Thank you slipdisco. But very annoying and frustrating!

strange it seems to be still working for me, plus its one of those verified channels so its legit reposting. i guess its restricted by region. the videos were released on the bandai namco arts channel (for the week of airing only) but i can't seem to find this week's episode there either. well, there's always gogo, RIP kissanime

Mental illness as a primarily biomedical issue seems intuitively wrong to me
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dizastar posted:

instead i take a cocktail of ashwagandha, gingko biloba and bacopa monnieri

regarding 'natural' stuff; ashwagandha made me feel much more aggressive and easily angred. not enjoyable.

i found daily cbd, nicotine, green tea, probiotics, sunlight, coldshowers, guayusa and gingko works nice though. also probably helps to vary it up by taking whatever herbs and supplements are available when visiting friends/aquaintances, and biweekly tinydose psychedelic while hiking (prob not good idea with ssris, same as passiflora mentioned). alcohol/opiates/etc no more than twice per mooncycle.

meds can be lifesaver, but ive found it worth addressing issues from multiple angles/frameworks for gathering forward momentum.

another poster in the pocket of Big Coldshowers i see
coke zero is the miracle cure
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Mental illness as a primarily biomedical issue seems intuitively wrong to me

the mind is nothing but a complicated biological process that your brain is undergoing in response to stimulation. there's no soul so what else is it going to be. the only thing here is if you want to negate the negative stimulation the world dumps on us all before it becomes a problem, or if you want to keep manually adjusting the brain to function around it with huge quantities of drugs. which really doesnt add anything new to the conversation

in other news my dog got very sick and by the time we convinced the vet to actually attempt diagnosis instead of just going "idk play with him more" his kidneys have failed so severely he can't even eat from a syringe. he moves like an old man and his breath smells like bleach. this sucks


Horselord posted:

ind is nothing but a complicated biological process that your brain is undergoing in response to stimulation.

thanks daniel dennett


pogfan1996 posted:

Mental illness as a primarily biomedical issue seems intuitively wrong to me

my dude, mental illness is a complicated category and yes our understanding of it is shaped by social factors but chronic depression conditions where your brain isn't making the right chemicals to be ok regardless of your life circumstances do happen, these are real physical ailments and no amount of smug self actualization will ever fix them. can't believe we still have to go through this routine every single time it comes up, y'all are supposed to be materialists here. put this anti-scientific hippy bullshit idea in the trash where it belongs

Some really wild assumptions about what my post meant so I want to be clear with what I mean: if you believe in Jesus and pray enough then you won’t be depressed.
i would've thought it was very easy to understand that mental illness is always to some extent a social ailment, nothing antimaterialist about that, quite the opposite. you can focus purely on brain chemicals until you're blue in the face - and of course they're important - but they don't tell you much about what is considered 'sick' and why.

anyway, as someone who has experienced very severe mental health issues specifically as a result of SSRI side effects, i feel compelled to caution against the assumption that they are a necessary and reliable treatment for depression (not that anyone here has said that exactly, but it's a common belief). they can absolutely be an important part of treatment and i am not here to preach against them, but the trial-and-error process by which you find the one that's most effective for you is actually fraught with danger, far beyond whether you're still able to cum or not. even if you find a good one, it won't necessarily work for you long term, and you're going to have to do other stuff to address underlying issues. just some observations based on personal experience.
also sorry about your dog Horselord

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looks like someone is doubting the ketolution, trust the diet plan, tap in

to avoid turning the other thread into kkketo kkkonspiracy i'll reply here.

in past life when i was a denihilist and ate animals i tried keto - it was gross but my energy levels became incredibly consistent, i lost fat easily but retained muscles, then i discovered i had become immune to hangovers when i drink pure spirits; this lead to dmtd every day as there was no physiological self-limiting incentive. the habit of gorging oneself without consequence seems to spread to other areas, and i probably was not a nice person in additional ways. it could have gone very badly, but i successfully weened myself off by using ghb intermittently. in short, i do not recommend.

the same effect, i.e. ketosis, can be achieved from the opposite approach through intermittent fasting, which despite it manifesting like a fad now doesn't take away from its merits, at least as a strategy for navigating life conditions that encourage one to indulge in anything they wish at any time. it can entrain selfdiscipline and gratitude, rather than entitlement and gluttony.

the relation between psychophysical health and what/how one takes in from the world (edible/informatic/affective/etc) seems obvious to me now, particularly internalizing products of suffering whether meat/dairy/porn/cocaine/amerikkkan culture/etc and the selfreinforcing complicity. it being lent now got me interested in additional approaches to recognize and curtail my exposure to whirlpools without falling into easy compartmentalization of domains (cartesian/relational/'ethical consumption'/etc).


pogfan1996 posted:

Some really wild assumptions about what my post meant so I want to be clear with what I mean: if you believe in Jesus and pray enough then you won’t be depressed.

well we can all agree on that, my bad

tomorrow afternoon we're going go to the man who couldn't be bothered to attempt to diagnose my dog, and then pay him money to kill my dog

personally i'd rather go to anyone else, but apparently this is the one that there is
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i have no idea how to painlessly kill a dog
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he isn't suffering and we won't let him either. i'm happy for the time that i've had with this dumbass and that's enough for me.

if only we could say the same about your horses
i was in the south for like a month and a half because the shower and toilet were being replaced and now they're STILL LEAKING

need to move but i'm too broke. sort of in a "funk" and wasting my time doing in-depth research into the national front and the security state.
one of my TVs caught fire. the picture tube has to be charged up to 20kV to work, this comes from a transformer coil that's embedded in resin along with a big diode. that diode broke closed circuit months ago but i was just like "whatever, then its just a wire now" and put another one in further down the high voltage cable.

after four or five months the original diode got tired of acting like a wire, and failed again but nonconductively this time. but the twenty thousand volts didn't take no for an answer and forced its way through. so it got super fucking hot and then burned to ashes inside the resin + eventually melted a big hole in the side

did you know that 20 thousand volts can arc really fucking far?
condolences to your cool exploding TV
condolences are gay

epoxy is hard to cut through precisely so once i got rid of the damaged area i had to slowly file around what was left of the diode until i uncovered it's unburnt input leg, and soldered some coax cable copper to it. then started building the material back up around it

i had to do it that way because if the leg snapped then i'd have to connect directly to the coil wire, which is so thin and fragile it'd break if i tried to dig it out. so adding on some thicker wire and then protecting the joint is critical. if i fucked up here the whole tv would be trash

now i have to put in a current limiting resistor, hook up the high voltage cable, and then finish building up the material with glue. i'm covering the outside with jb weld so it can't melt.

My partner has a job that requires regular contact with the police, and she had to meet one at our house the other day. I have this poster hanging in our living room:

She told me that the cop gave it the stink eye when he left. Smdh, the police departments are riddled with Browderism
Back in my day communism was 20th century americanism
My wife had a job at the cop shop for a little while and she used to make me hang out with the cops socially. Really sick shit!
depression lifts, and waddaya know - 12 weeks like clockwork - back on the up
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good thing you wont be in the middle of anything like that in rhizzone lol
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praxising with the org i joined . loading food in trucks with two white amerikans who studied at nyu and were pro sanders and dsa card holders before coming here. now theyre talking about chapo trap house. its over

sounds fun

Why is the Peace Corps in France?

pogfan1996 posted:

Why is the Peace Corps in France?

well, to answer this properly we need to go back to 1492 when kkkristopher kkkolombus made the first documented crossing of the atlantic, beginning what would in later years would be known as the "apocalypse of settler colonialism," from here it is relatively simple to trace history forwar

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hell yeah
doing that thing where i hang out in a hobby community online and run across people dispassionately discussing the Authoritarian Skull Shape of Tankies and why memes have caused them to grow in number In Ways Similar to Fash, and just being too wrung out to bother with any of it

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people I otherwise billed as pretty reasonable,

liberal'd again