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at the demo yesterday i witnessed rednecks waving an israeli flag screaming antisemitic slurs at the Jewish Voices For Peace group that stepped in front of them threatening a palestinian family with young children, have been drinking constantly since I got home. gonna run out of beer and start on the liquor soon
150 cl of blonde beer, two from the carrefour hypermarche in montreuil, the last from a tabac bar in saint mande, fuming and some dumb literary type who can't appreciate the beauty of canelo alvarez breaking billy joe saunders' orbital eye socket in three places with a single punch

dizastar posted:

homemade bissap

I just got off night shift and am now on my PTO from work; I have been drinking gin and sparkling water since noon, and it's DYTD all day every day for the next three weeks
ganbatte Gay Swimmer.
see you there

believed to be named after such and such. how does nobody know, it's only 50yo, that's not a name you just like forget about. anyway im getting in the car
recently i like to drink a strong coffee and a large glass of wine at 12am so i can eeek a special final hour of bizarre mental labour - a strange combination tiredness, alcohol and caffeine where my fingers hammer at the keys really hard. i keep the curtains open because its dark outside
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i sorta feel bad just posting natty light over and over again but im not fixin to lie to yall

shriekingviolet posted:

beer and wine
fascism everywhere
jameson, ginger beer and cherry bitters.
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*liceo's old ass woman landlord demonstrates how to use the rotary phone*
liceo: omg could you not
completely broke and while digging through a box from the last time i moved circa 3 years ago found an entire bottle of ron santiago de cuba
EDIT: EXTRA ANEJO no babylon fillers death 2 babylon

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liceo posted:

it's raining and cold

wtf that's illegal

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pogfan1996 posted:

recently learned they're making beer flavored sparkling water now. i don't know what to say
*cracking beer* "oh, this? you got things all wrong, its a beer flavored sparking water"
im p distraught about this and am looking up when the next holiday occurs where cops plan to set up dui checkpoints
the worst part is they're like 3x more expensive than beer
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citron soju. Which is fantastic despite tasting exactly like hard lemonade
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