Top 10 Villains In Jane Austen Novels
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one hour of how capitalism is destroying the planet, ends with an ethical plea to go vegan. just skip the last half hr and its p good!

that’s like watching hot girls wanted and saying that you didn’t like the parts that said to not watch porn
I knew the original cut of emir kusturica's underground was five hours long, but I didn't know that version was released as a five part serbian television series. so now I'm watching five hours of emir kusturica's underground

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when i was little, the arguments for not eating fish seemed much more compelling than the ones for not eating farmed meat. i stopped eating sea-creatures when i was like 11 (welcome to the tears ethical flex zone) and at the time i couldn't understand how mechanised fish-hunting was just this thing that the people around me seemed to collectively agree was "fine," or maybe "regrettable." these days i understand its because i grew up surrounded by the absolute trash of the earth (english people), which may also explain a lot of my other issues now that i think about it

apparently they're filming some apocalyptic zombie tv show in the city of Calgary, which is a smart business decision because they won't have to spend money on actors or makeup
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Bacurau. Really good film. Watch it. Don't find out too much about it beforehand, just watch it.
i watched Mandy, my thoughts are that the wife (andrea riseborough) exists only to be a murdered wife and bill duke's only scene is to dispense le wise advice to nik cage. overally it was a "psychedelic" revenge-exploitation film produced in 2018 and beyond the black rainbow was better imo
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I'm watching Let the Bullets Fly but this version has russian dubs while the original audio plays simultaneously,

there might be a separate audio track included without the dub that you can switch to. a decade ago in a house full of college bois our torrent of Twin Peaks was like this, we switched the russian back on for a second watch and it was a good experience. not to besmirch Kyle MacLachlan's excellent performance, but Russian Dale Cooper was very intense


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Bacurau. Really good film. Watch it. Don't find out too much about it beforehand, just watch it.

did this not too long ago and i concur, very good

Why would anyone pass up the one-guy Russian dub of anything
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I almost lost my patience with my fascist coworker talking about how baseball sucks, they're not athletes, all the stuff they do is very easy, nobody watches, etc etc. Shut up dude. You don't know what you're talking about. Hockey and American football are fascist. 10 million Cubans can't be wrong.

Someone start a sports thread so I can talk about how Hyun Jin Ryu is fat. He's fat!
can your coworker throw a 46-mph strike


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Someone start a sports thread so I can talk about how Hyun Jin Ryu is fat. He's fat!

i never noticed till you brought it up but now i can't stop seeing it. having only seen baseball in movies and tv shows where teams comprised of office workers or gangsters, i took their 'non-athletic' appearance as a given but after going through some of these clips, i became aware today of how all professional baseball players seem a little, uh, 'bloated'. within amerikan sports culture, i see it now more like the suburban schlub's sport-without-athleticism compared to the threadbare dress of rules draped on violence and called football and hockey. what am i missing you guys? a quick google search on 'why baseball so fat' shows articles over a decade old discussing it, speculating from muscle requirements to drug abuse but nothing conclusive

I literally should never have posted that video in this thread.
really surprised at am*rican posters talking about their own domestic boring sports while there is a civil war going on in european football scene instigated by am*ricans
i was thinking of co-morbidities after posting - is baseball the construction and extraction industry of sports, the profession with the highest suicide rate?
then i got stoned and now i am thinking of how hard i fell for geena davis after watching a legaue of their own till the long kiss goodnight
amerikans instigating a civil war someplace isn't exactly new or exciting, much like baseball
also as always amerikkkan proxies are losing lol

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also as always amerikkkan proxies are losing lol

united kingdom welcome to the axis of resistance
watched Judas and the Black Messiah last night. it was a good example of watching a mainstream version of a familiar part of history where i was pleasantly surprised that although the facts of the FBIs attitude and behaviour had to be toned down for believability, they still came away looking mostly as psychotic and genocidal as they actually are.
been watching the rapid slide into self-awareness among the leadership of the white West, where they turn around and realize all their put-on play-pretend alarmism about Red China hasn't stopped it from becoming much more liked and supported worldwide than all their own countries for completely different reasons from those in their propaganda, with more and more of them realizing that propaganda has in fact accelerated the process. Like... it is pretty fun and good to watch this dawn on a bunch of wealthy crackers, practically live on TV, that they've already lost in a multitude of ways, all of them completely unanticipated in over two decades of their "We've already lost!" yellow peril panic racket
also this
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he's back


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thanks, it's been hard to find genuine people on youtube

i like the one they did on Chinese solidarity

I watched the 1977 movie The Sentinel, a post-Exorcist movie about Hell and such. It’s a good premise executed poorly and I’d say they should remake it except I just imagined the remake and it’s worse. It has a birthday party for a cat in it which is pretty funny, but the cat is maybe The Devil? One and one half stars for The Sentinel.