agent for H.A.R.M. is great
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Whichever one where they blow up the hitler building (probably prince of space)

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darfur was one of those things that drove me away from liberalism. so many people on my campus were like ARGH we need to send in troops to fuck with these horseback jerks. and they had no real plan at all, it was just like, you send troops, troops go there, that's what solves problems right?

i was in some hippy liberal highschool when dafur was happening. and in order to raise awareness or 'protest' what was happening there, like a third of the student body laid down in the middle of the halls during a class change. so if you wanted to get anywhere you had to "step over" their dead bodies. amazing.

this comment except about a ferguson solidarity protest. Oh snap

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Keven posted:

Whichever one where they blow up the hitler building (probably prince of space)

yeah that's prince of space iirc

it was neptune men... damn

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tpaine posted:

jesus christ you guys.

which one did you end up watching, clarence?

also is there some alternative to youtube for these. i saw a torrent with all of them in it but my hard drive would explode.

is rifftrax any good. i don't mean your global take on the whole series. i mean are there any good ones.
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tpaine posted:

i didn't watch any of them because i'm gay. or wait, it's because i watched some other bullshit instead. maybe i will watch agent from harm, i don't think i saw that one

freingus did you watch devil fish?

i don't remember devil fish. in high school a friend of mine had a grey market satellite dish which picked up the scifi channel and he would tape all the mst3ks. then we would go over there once a month or so and watch 3 or 4 of them in a row. this was fun at the time but it also means i don't remember any of them really because i saw most of them at like 4am in 1998 or something. i also never saw joel do any episodes because of this. well maybe a few.

in university when i was visiting friends i would watch one or two here and there but by myself i was more interested in woody allen films (i watched like 40+ of them) and stuff that fed into woody allen (bergman, fellini), or as my friend calls them now, "art films for dummies" ( ) then i stopped watching old movies and listened to hundreds of 2-hour episodes of loveline lol.

there was a website called the loveline archive and it had every show from like 1999 to 2004 or so (all full recorded episodes of when adam and drew were hosts), and they did it like five or six days a week or something, meaning there was probably like... 1,000 episodes on there or something... times 2 hours... and i methodically listened to all of them at least once. yeah. OCD lmao. i was working or in school for much of the time i listened to them too so it wasn't just funemployment.
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conec posted:

woody allen raped his daughter

yeah. i didn't really know about that in 2002 though. it's like a phase in suburban white life anyway in some senses. like you listen to led zeppelin and your mind is blown. then you grow up and start listening to disco like an adult.

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woody allen is a nutbar but i've started to worry about diane keaton as well. like... annie hall. it's a movie about her. it's named after her. and she stars in it? and she dates paul simon in it? what the heck is going on.
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i just watched jason 7 because i watched jason x recently and i remembered when watching the scene where he beats the one woman to death with the other womans body in a sack in jason x and how it was a reference to in jason pt 7 when he grabs the woman in the sleeping bag and kills her by beating her against the tree.

it reminded me of my collection of old-timey femicide songs i have been working on cataloguing over the years and how i need to write a thing about them.

conec posted:

oops sh`t posted wrong vid before here we go

Brutus "The Crying Rottweiler" still dwelling on his emotional roller coaster after losing his beloved Twin, Hank. It seems Brutus doesn't realize how BIG he is and feels left out, so he has been trying to cuddle with my remaining pack of Pekingese Donate here. Sorry guys, their is a crazy, drunk person spamming with their hate and lies. We all know they are just jealous bc my fundraiser was a success, so they are trying to sabotage it. Three people, all Rottweiler owners, all from WA State...Jealousy??? Hmmm Ya think? WOW, is someone butt hurt and jealous of a homeless guy? Little do they know, or care, it's only affecting my dogs. They call themselves animal activists yet bash a man trying to help animals and grieve for his passing dog...It's so sick and twisted but comments are disabled until I take legal action against the said parties...

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conec dont downvote my posts just because you're jealous i can play an actual instrument and you dont have any real musical talent
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i remember when that darfur movie came out and it played in the artsy university movie theatre and everyone on my campus was freaking out. a couple months later my friend got basically fired from the restaurant we both worked in at the time and one of the reasons the manager gave was overhearing a conversation we had in the kitchen where my friend joked about the janjaweed being badass.
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i have no reason to be jealous if i wanted to i could download fruity loops and talk into a microphone but i choose not to
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