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well, heh, and i hate, to be the one to point this out, but there's this thing called fast forward? I can't believe this guy.
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post the full bucket
Tom has more of a feeding-trough list
grain elevator list
i was listning to shabazz palaces again and did some reading about their new album, in the process I came across some seattle paper's (the stranger? maybe?) review of 'black up' and it said something like "this album will make you proud you're from seattle" lmfao.
pet shop boys, actually
on vinyl
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im listening to the madlib rock konducta stuff, because im a huge nerd and madlib is extremely good to me
i tried to buy a cassette player at goodwill because the local hipster band called MIMICO that i want to listen to only released their album on cassette but when i plugged it in at the store it wouldnt turn on and i left feeling so damn disappointed
also the only way to buy the cassette is through a non-profit music distro run by volunteers called weird canada that is funded by a government grant

this is MYLIFE

c_man posted:

im listening to the madlib rock konducta stuff, because im a huge nerd and madlib is extremely good to me

did u see my dropbox link or is this just coincidence

oh no its just a coincidence but i guess i should find that dropbox post
why cant you find a damn cassette player lol i have one if u want it
it has to be good though i dont want no scrubby jvc or something
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Deep IN Tha Mix
Since the Rhizzone loves jobs as much (or more) than anyone else, who better than a Communist to sing of the virtues of work? Woody Guthrie preaches the truth (jobs) in this fine song, from the album of songs for parents to play for their kids.

Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo Zango cuttin' with my saw

fuck norms
s/o to the sadboys and sadgirls
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Good song

Haha haha that's Williamsburg!!!

siempre tenga en cuenta tu valor compas



K-Pop Truly Is The Light
newest from same group iirc

slice of canadiana (obligatory shoutout because of a reminder from fb just now)

also listening to White Amerikkka by Marshall "RR" Mathers; it is the first song here, not counting the intro

babyfinland posted:

Haha haha that's Williamsburg!!!

no... that's bushwick... there's like, a dude walks around here selling homemade almond milk, um Beacon's Closet relocated here now if you know what that was and where it used to be in willisamsburg. Thankfully i am already embedded as community member, they cant displace my rising star Bwaaugh! *landlord drives into my room on a bulldozer* *peers between shtreimel and round sunglasses* Please vacate for TD Bank by noon and all construction comes out of your deposit

my bank is PCFinancial-CIBC tho........... pebbled again