If you've bought packaged food or even dish detergent with one of these tiny symbols on it, you've helped pay a rabbi's salary. In fact, if you live in North America and you don't buy imported packaged food, it's probably the case that everything in your kitchen cupboard is kosher certified. Yet most gentile consumers don't know this, even knowledgeable atheists, and are blissfully unaware that they are monetarily supporting a kosher industry with almost every trip to the grocery store.

These bizarre, Bronze Age dietary restrictions are completely irrelevant to most consumers, including many Jews, and carry absolutely no benefits, yet companies pay tens of thousands of dollars every year to rabbinical organizations to get certified. It's the unwitting consumer who has this cost passed along to them. Along with non-edible cleaning supplies, the kosher certification market is even being expanded to include such things as tin foil, paper bags and dog treats!

Shechita, or Kosher slaughter, like Muslim halal slaughter, requires the death of the animal by severing the neck and bleeding to death, which in the case of cattle can take up to two minutes. The animal is not stunned or sedated during this time and experiences considerable pain and distress. Typically the response to criticism of shechita has been to accuse the critics of anti-semitism.

Given that the largest Kosher certifier, the Orthodox Union, requires member synagogues to adhere to religious Zionism it strains the imagination to think that money raised by the kosher certification division does not, in part, find its way into Zionist causes.

As someone who is opposed to both religious superstition and Israeli colonialism, I am personally morally opposed to buying kosher certified food. I demand that large food and beverage corporations like Coca Cola, Nabisco, Heinz and others offer specifically branded non-Kosher options in their core products.

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Poland is banning its ancient calf slaughtering ritual in order to export to the Middle East. Global Jewry truly knows no bounds.