They're all irrelevant social movements (ISMs). They are movements where the lifestyle is more important than the goal. They feed from an unproductive dialectic which does not advance history.

Hegel tells us that even in peaceful bourgeois society, an excess of negativity accumulates, creating a dialectic which must be resolved by periodic outbursts of inexplicable violence. ISMs are a channel for man's violent desires, turning something destructive into something harmless. So far, for the most part, at least.

Remember that Hitler didn't come to power because people are evil. He came to power because people were bored.

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Zinger- the "radical left" supports the very welfare policies that the liberal elite support to pacify radicalism.
actually hitler came to power because he sold out his leftist ideals and went corporate
You really zinged me there! My acne is on fire!

What do slutwalks, the militia movement, blogconomists, third wave feminism, transhumanism, and veganism have in common?

Body Fascism

fyi violence is never inexplicable
someone on 420/his/ recommended richard evans' third reich series, it's really good. d-don't laugh, mustang-kun
I'll give it a watch, thanks.
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tpaine make me thread monitor

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