Well, the NSDAP had engaged in anti-Jewish propaganda pretty much ever since it was created. When it finally came to power, its ascendancy prompted boycotts and anti-German propaganda campaigns from Jews in countries like the USA:
While Jewish organizations in Germany generally condemned this, Hitler nevertheless used this to justify the introduction of the first couple of anti-semitic laws, banning Jews from holding public offices. More anti-Jewish laws followed. While Hitler had greatly relaxed the gun control laws for ethnic Germans, Jews were banned from owning guns in 1938, after a Jew had shot a German diplomat, which was also the pretext to what is known as the infamous Kristallnacht.

For most of the Third Reich's existence in peace time, it followed a policy of trying to compel German Jews to emigrate to other countries by systematically making life in Germany more uncomfortable for them through the introduction of more and more anti-Jewish laws. To this end, they also cooperated with leading Zionist organizations, coming up with the Haavara Agreement that made it easier for Jews to emigrate to Palestine:
This actually had the intended effect, as about 2/3 of the roughly 600k Jews that were in Germany in 1933 had left by 1939.
After the war broke out however, Allied navy attacks on German ships made the continuation of the Haavara impossible, although there were some Jewish militant groups in Palestine who tried to continue the cooperation with Hitler, promising to fight against the British for Germany:

There was also a plan of erecting a Jewish homeland on Madagascar, an island which only had like 3 million people or so at the time, on an area larger than Germany. This seemed doable when France was conquered, as the French were in control of Madagascar as part of their colonial empire. This too turned out to be impossible due to interference from Allied forces, however.

The German government grew increasingly hostile to Jews as the war intensified. Whereas Goebbels had eventually called a stop to the anti-Jewish riots during Kristallnacht, by 1941 they were perfectly willing to tolerate and abet incidents like this:
In the following years, they started rounding up the Jews in most areas they conquered, deporting them into large ghettos, mainly in Poland. Non-Jewish citizens who questioned this policy were told that it was necessary because a large number of Jews had been collaborating with the Communists as partisans and saboteurs. Eventually Jews were crammed into large concentration camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and so on, where many of them were killed.

While their numbers were not as high as other persecuted groups, approx. 100k individuals overall and 15k inmates, they were still exterminated in a systematic fashion under the german genocide programs. Their mortality rate was 60%, compared to 41% of political prisoners or 35% of jehovah witnesses. They had unusually cruel conditions in the extermination camps from both their guards and the other prisoners, often assigned the most dangerous work, selected for medical experiments or live target practice using the pink triangles they were forced to wear.

after the war, some were re-arrested and imprisoned. Germany didn't acknowledge them until the 1980s. And it all began in the 1930s when they were culturally purged, much like what russia is doing today.


interesting part

>extermination camps
Homosexuals were generally not sent to extermination camps. The camps that are claimed to have been death camps were all built in Poland in the middle of the war and none of them existed yet when the majority of homosexuals were sentenced. The minority of them who were actually sent to any kind of camp (mostly homosexual rapists and pederasts) were sent to labor camps, which entailed doing shitty back-breaking work for a couple of months and then leaving; during peacetime when there were no supply shortages, usually alive.

>100k individuals overall and 15k inmates, they were still exterminated in a systematic fashion under the german genocide programs
The article you posted (which heavily relies on US government propaganda) speaks of 50k being convicted and sentenced to a prison term between 1933 and 1945, of which 5k to 15k were sent camping. I know that the 50k number actually refers to overall convictions under paragraph 175. Not only does it ignore the fact that this number also included pederasts and people who used their social position to coerce others into sex with them, the fact that there were a similar amount of convictions under the same paragraph from 1952 to 1964 in West Germany alone also already proves your point wrong that dislike for homosexuals and banning of homosexual acts is somehow a uniquely fascist or national socialist thing.
What's more, these numbers also prove your claim of gays being "exterminated in a systematic fashion under the german genocide programs" completely wrong. For that claim to have any sort of resemblance to legitimacy at all, 100% of them would've had to have either gotten the outright death penalty or be sent to actual extermination camps, or at the very least the majority of them sent to some kind of concentration camp, not merely 10% of them.

>They had unusually cruel conditions in the extermination camps from both their guards and the other prisoners
Being subject to the vagaries of individuals does not equal "being exterminated in a systematic fashion." Pedophiles (who actually make up a good number of the people we're talking about here) are treated like shit in American prisons as well, and are a popular target for murders by prison gangs. That doesn't mean that the US government is following a policy of systematic extermination of pedophiles.

>Germany didn't acknowledge them until the 1980s
Yeah, because homosexuality was still illegal even in the 60s and until the late 80s most people were still aware of how retarded it is to give them their own little holocaust victimology. In 20 years people like you will be crying about how the pedophiles and necrophiles were mistreated by the cruel nazis.

>And it all began in the 1930s when they were culturally purged
pure bullshit. The law on the basis of which those people were convicted goes back to HRE law from 1523, which had been intact in one form or another in all German states until West Germany started getting rid of it in 1969.
Hitler's government was less tolerant of faggotry than most Weimar governments, but more tolerant of it than other governments Germans have lived under. The NS government's treatment of gays wasn't really unusual in the wider context of German history, or even when compared to Britain, America and the Soviet Union during the same time. That is to say, it was far less anti-gay than many Islamic governments are to this day. But of course you will keep pretending that gays in NS Germany were somehow treated in an incredibly gruesome way unparalleled in human history, because that is a convenient lie which serves your political purposes, and you can afford to do so because the system is on your side in your disregard for the truth and hatred for nationalism among Europeans.

>much like what russia is doing today
In many countries, gays started getting the death penalty under Sharia law after millions of Muslims invaded the country, much like what people like you are insisting Europe should permit to be done to itself today.