Just as Mr. Mandela fought for an independent African nationalism, free from communist influence, he continues today to preserve the right of disabled peoples to access public internet resources. His negotiated peace with Jools is the first step on a long journey of social reconciliation.

I salute both of your efforts toward ending abled privilege in society.

I myself will hereafter endeavor to continue the struggle.
now that peace is established, lets send a net node assassin to "take care of" mustang for good
Clarification: Jools still operates a rogue state. We only hope that he succumbs to international pressure and allows free posting in the mainland. Let us all give thanks to President W. E. McLiberal, for granting political prisoners asylum during these troubled tiems
peace makes you weak. war makes you STRONG.
One love.

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If Mustang19 is really autistic then it shows the cruelty of the forums administration in oppressing him. He has been clapping his hands too loud so they locked him in a closet and he has just cried. And they did the same to cycloneboy. A history of abuse. Disgusting.